Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Does the 2011 BMW Z4 Include?

I am definitely looking into the BMW Z4 with regards to its features. This is a convertible that features a unique roadster design. It has a well refined exterior and a very distinctive grille. It also has a retractable hardtop roof that can be controlled in about twenty-two seconds without any issues. These are just some of the basics of the 2011 BMW Z4 that make it such an impressive vehicle to take a look at.

An even distribution

One thing that I like about the vehicle is that it has an even weight distribution. This means that there is no need to worry about the vehicle being dragged down in any way possible. This is critical when it comes to getting the vehicle handled because it will ensure that the movements in the vehicle are quick.

Image courtesy of egmcartech

This distribution also works to help with ensuring that there is no rollover risks involved with the car. The added resistance support levels that the vehicle uses to go along with this can also help to improve the ability of the vehicle to be a little more functional. This is needed to ensure that the vehicle is going to be a little more effective without any issues coming from trying to use it too often. I feel that this is important for those who want to be safe when driving.

Direct injection

The engine that the BMW Z4 has uses direct fuel injection. This is used to give the engine more power so it will be a little easier for the vehicle to accelerate and move around without any issues. In fact, this engine can feature a design with a valve control to help shut off valves that are not needed at a given time. This is used to help ensure that the vehicle will not only create plenty of power but will also be fast enough to where it will not deal with too much of a sluggish movement. This is a smart point that I have used to help with making it easier for the car to move up and down.

Other great points

There are many things about the BMW Z4 that go beyond what it includes for the engine. The vehicle also has tyres that are able to work for around 250 km even if they are punctured. The Brake Energy Regeneration feature works to get kinetic energy in the car to be adjusted so it can provide energy to the car’s battery. This may work to get it to where it can have an easier time with moving around. The power steering is also electric and will be easy to control a needed.

Image courtesy of egmcartech
Price - $47,450
Engine – 4-cylinder 1,997cm
Top speed – 235 km/h
Fuel use – 8.9L per 100km city, 5.6L per 100km highway
Tank size – 55L
Other features – run flat tyres, adjustable headlights that adapt with surroundings

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