Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mercedes-Benz SL-Class SL 350

Mercedes is one of the biggest brands in the motor world. With many people aware of the exotic and unique cars that they produce. I took up the challenge to research on their latest brand; the Mercedes Benz SL. The Mercedes Benz SL Class has become one of the most popular cars in their range of brands. The Mercedes brand is said to be the best car in the production of luxurious and brilliant sports cars. The new Mercedes Benz SL is a great luxurious car that is convertible and is crafted to suit all your needs and meet the required sports cars standards.

The interior has been designed in a neat manner that makes the whole composition beautiful at a glance. The fittings have been graced by an interior silver color that matches brilliantly with the overall color of the vehicle. The rear of the vehicle is brilliantly crafted to bring out the ultimate sporty look of the vehicle. In addition to all these, I came to not that the Mercedes SL Class comes with a new bumper; 17” alloy wheels as well as a new radiator grille.

Mercedes Benz SL Class interior

A sporty look being one of the main aims of the new Mercedes Benz SL Class, you will also be graced by a superb interior that makes the look and the performance of the car really vibrant. The interior as well as the exterior look of the vehicle is meant to make all people to be dismayed; as this has been the philosophy of the Mercedes manufacturers. The interior of the car has been developed by professionals in this line of sports cars industry. The interior is brilliant with the state of art technology being incorporated in its seats, audio systems and all other aspects of this brilliant craft.

The safety of the Mercedes Benz SL Class

As it is a necessity of every fast sports car, I decided to scrutinize the safety levels of the Mercedes Benz SL Class. To start with, the car is equipped with a brake assist and ABS. it also houses a state of art Sensotronic Brake Control and an adaptive accelerator pedal. In addition to this, you will as well find that the driver’s seat and the front passenger airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners. With these and many more safety aspects being installed in this sophisticated Mercedes Brand, you are assured of ultimate safety in whichever speed you might be accelerating at.

Other features in the Mercedes Benz SL Class

Price                                                     Rs 98, 50,000       
Engine Displacement (cc)                      3498

Mileage-City                                        5.2

Mileage-Highway                                 8.1

Fuel Type                                           Petrol

Maximum Power                                316bhp@6500rpm

Maximum Torque                               360nm@4900rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity (liters)                   80

Transmissions                                     7-speed Automatic Transmission (AT)

Seating Capacity                                 2

Other Features:                                    Air Conditioner

CD player
Anti-Lock Braking System
Power Steering
Power Windows
Leather Seats
Central Locking

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Presenting the Thinnest Tablet on the Market

I usually like to pride myself on having a good tablet that is unique and attractive. However, I admit that I was surprised when I learned about the OGT. This is a brand new tablet that is making waves for how incredibly thin it is. This is an impressive tablet that makes others look like they are just plain weak.

How thin is it?

The depth of the OGT is the biggest thing that makes it so unique when compared to other tablets. This tablet features a thickness of around seven millimetres. This is impressive and something that even I had a hard time believing.

The weight of the OGT is also impressive to see. This tablet features a build that is around 550g in weight. This is useful to see because it is easy to carry and not too difficult to handle. Of course, there are some concerns involving the way how the OGT might be too easy to touch because of how incredibly sensitive this tablet really is.

Other great features

There are some other features that make this a popular product. The OGT has a 1 GHz processor, thus making it easy to load items onto its screen. In fact, that screen has a resolution level that is slightly better than what the iPad 2 uses.

An SD slot for memory is also featured. This is convenient for me because it allows me to view photos on my digital camera with ease. This works very well with the internal storage that the OGT can already support. This tablet can work with either 16 GB or 32 GB of data, thus making it incredibly effective for all kinds of memory needs that anyone has to work with.

There are two cameras to use as well. A five megapixel camera is used at the rear and a three megapixel one goes at the front.

Is it worth it?

The OGT tablet is definitely something that can be effective. This is a tablet that features many applications and other functions but nothing is too impressive when compared to its thickness. This is a great product that is incredibly thick and easy to work with, thus making this one of the best products that you should be thinking about if you want to get a great tablet. I know that this is something that definitely puts my tablet to shame in terms of how it looks.

Aston Martin One 77

According to a research I have been carrying out on the most expensive vehicles, I have come to learn that the Aston Martin is among the most expensive vehicles in the sports cars industry. On the other hand, I have also learnt that one gets the best in respect to its high price. In other words, this car is said to be the monster of the road which is achieved with the car’s big and powerful engine. The engine is a 7.3 liter V12 power train which gives a power of more than 720 bhp as well as a torque for about 750 NM. With this kind of performance, it is true that this car will offer you with the true characters of a road’s monster.

Since it is a great sports car, you will surely never find them in plenty, these kinds of cars are only available in only 77 units. The car surely soaps your lifestyle and the big price that comes with it suits it since there are only limited units in the world and the power as well as the vigor it brings surely gets beyond your investment.

Interior aspects

I always consider having comfort and space in a sports car as the main aspects after power and great performance. Aston Martin One 77 perfectly honors this with its two seats and as well as a spacious interior. The design of this car mainly makes it possible for the driver to have much comfort and a great time driving. The seats are well designed to make sure that you are held tight even when cruising at the maximum speed. The audio system and other accompaniments make the whole deal brilliant and comfy for the driver and passenger on board.

Exterior design

In many reviews, and documentaries on this car that I came across, you would easily tell that many people considered this car as the futuristic sports car. This is attributed by its design in the interior as well as the exterior. The Aston Martin brand is popular for its brilliant designs, as well as the aerodynamic aspects that they employ in their car designs; this assists the vehicle in brilliant performance as well as great ability to remain intact on the road while driving at fast speeds. The headlamps and little details that are put on the car make it look beautiful and attractive to anyone who sets their eyes on it.

Main features on the car

The car is also capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds.  This is fast, and even is the fastest car from Aston Martin brand. This car is very light; the weight is only 3,300 pounds. This is because the car is uses carbon fiber that been known as the lightest materials in the world.

Body style                               2-door coupe

Price                                        $1.4M

Engine                                     7.3 L V12 

750 bhp (760 PS, 559 kw)

750 Nm (553 lb ft)

Transmission                           6-speed automated manual

Kerb weight approximately    1,500 kg (3,307 lb)