Monday, September 30, 2013

Share Innovative Ideas Using Springpad

Every day you will witness a new invention in the field of technology. Various applications have been designed and are still in the process of making your task easier. This will save your precious time, which you can invest in some other activity. Springpad is also one of these applications that ensure multiple benefits to its users. You can download it free on your iphones or androids.

About This Web Service

The motive of Springpad is to allow its users to store along with arranging and sharing data. It will help you to keep a track on all the information by systemizing and saving it. This application aims at organizing all the information in terms of category. You just have to add the subject matter, rest leave on this web service. For example, you can add movie timing or flight schedule, further it will create additional scraps based on the content.

You can subscribe this app on your smartphones as well notebooks. This free application can help to enhance your day-to-day tasks and organize your activities. You need to register yourself to enjoy its benefits. If you favor a systematic and well-organized life, then Springpad is the must have app for you!

Remarkable Features of This App

All the personal information of a user is present in Mystuff. It stores all the notes, photos, details that you require using your smartphones or site interface like HTML5.  In addition, you can search more things that you want, and add on your own or with the help of this application. Along with the other categories, it has presently incorporated a category of restaurants, recipes, products, movies and wine.

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You can also keep a track of the events, date and all the necessary details of a particular event can be accessed with the help of Springpad. In case, you are a Google Calendar user, then you can choose to synchronize that event on this app. It will further help you to keep a tab on all the important notes and links, instantly saving them for you. It will alert you the moment any information is added.

You can easily check maps and extra details on the notebook using Pin Board. You can add reminder on your to do lists. The barcode reader of your smartphone works with this app and Springpad stores the description of the product. You can share your pictures and tag your friends too. This app gives you the privilege to set your privacy or share data. It works in accordance to your mobile.

Ways to Access Springpad

There are different modes to clip data on Springpad; it is not restricted to smart phones only. You can add more details on this web service, using Springpad clipper on Google Chrome. These features help you to add more information and thereby, share it smoothly with your friends with no charges. This app is still in the process of modification, every day a new idea is added according to the current trend.

To know more, download this application and enjoy the benefits of this service.     

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Angry Gran Run: A sheer madness for all android users.

Angry Gran Run is an out-and-out racing game from the kitty of the Ace Viral. It is a game of sheer madness; but do not worry because this is the whole purpose of this game.

Granny is very angry as she is locked inside an “Angry Asylum” and she is searching for a way to get out. The players can help her by guiding her through the roads. In this journey granny runs to save herself from getting into the Asylum and she is confronted with several obstacles in form of running, jumping, sliding through crazy hurdles.

During the course of the game you will find different types of crazy weapons like a rubber chicken, baguette, inflatable hammer and others. While you proceed in the game, you might have lot of questions popping in your head like where did you get a skate-board from, where is your secret recipe? But as I said, the game is about sheer madness with lots of fun, so you need not bother about such questions. The screen quality of the iPad is incredible which would give you a wonderful experience while playing.

When you tilt your smart phone, Granny will juke left and right to collect coins or to bang into “punks”, with which the roads are being lined. A slight swipe of your finger will let Granny take sharp turns or sliding or jumping the hurdles to get her way out. If you succeed in collecting enough coins, then the granny gets to buy some wacky costumes for herself from zombie gran, wonder gran and hippy gran. Different kinds of power-ups like bullet-time, invincible shields appear in your screen which make the game interesting and push you to earn those extra points. 

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You will discover new things around each corner of Angry Gran Run. You will be amazed at how much tenacity this innocent-looking, little, hunched-back granny has. She is fast and swift to take on obstacles and enemies like no one else.

The new version of Angry Gran Run has solved the issues of the in-app purchases and has shortened the loading time drastically. However, I had some crashes, which required me to restart my entire phone, which was quite irritating.

Overall the Angry Gran Run is fun to play and is a real stress buster. The colourful graphics and the interesting armoury will keep you engrossed completely. The surprise element at each level of the game is what I enjoyed the most.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Color Zen: A new addition to the family of puzzle game.

Color Zen is another addition to the genre of pick-up-and-play games. It is a puzzle game which is not as simple as its predecessors.
 What are the interesting features of Color Zen??

The concept of the game remains the same i.e., changing the colour of the screen which would be matching the colour of the border of the level. When two similar coloured shapes collide, the colour of the screen gets changed. This would explode the shapes and the background will be painted with the same colour as that of the shapes.

You will begin by entering small pink balls into pink coloured squares to match the borders. Suddenly you will start confronting several challenges which are completely new in this particular game.If some free flowing shapes of the same colour as the newly painted backdrop appear on the screen, then your background will be lost. You can only move the throbbing shapes. White shapes assume the colour of whatever touches them while the black shapes destroy whatever they touch including themselves. The first six levels of the game introduce these concepts in the beginning of the level. The introduction of such concepts provides you with diverse mechanics which would be exciting. Unfortunately these stages are very basic, tutorial kinds where much of thought is not required.

After completing the beginner levels, the puzzles of Color Zen are engaging and innovative. But you will not find these levels very challenging. Most of the challenges can be broken down to numbers game and capability to count back from the end goal at the borders.

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What is appealing are the elaborate mosaics which provide beautiful layouts, capable enough to distract you away from the game. Also when the different shapes collide they produce eloquent designs. The choice of colours is deliberate which make the gaming experience unforgettable.

Color Zen is not endowed with any of the features like score keeping, timer etc. which encourage highly competitive play. This is an ideal game for those who get easily flustered while playing. The game is a big put-off when it comes to providing exciting incentives for “retry” levels like faster completion. Also the levels of the game are for very short duration which hinders the experience to last for long.

However, the terse nature of Color Zen will make you crave for more. It’s interesting colour-bursting tactics and gorgeous layouts will be ultimate visual treats for you. They will compel you to stop and savor this rich experience. What I pray for is a level editor to be available for this game soon which would allow me to design my own challenges.

Color Zen is a beautiful experience from beginning till the end, with my only wish that the levels could be stretched for some more time.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Duolingo: An interesting opportunity to learn a language.

Duolingo is the best Android app used for learning a language. You can learn German, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. You will be provided with a select word which you have to match with a picture that best defines the word. If your guess is correct, you have to translate that word to English. If your answer is incorrect, you will be losing hearts.
The tremendous features of Duolingo work brilliantly in helping you to learn a language. You also get a chance to expose yourself to interesting people and content. You will find the whole process to be fun and engaging.

How do you access this app??

You can access Duolingo either by signing up or by authenticating yourself via Twitter or Facebook. Then you can choose as many languages as you want to learn.

What all Duolingo offers you??

I chose Spanish to start off, this is one language which I have studied before but could never achieve mastery over this language. Of late I have been trying to improve my skill on this language and Duolingo came as my savior. I found this app fun and it gave me real Web content which I can use for translating and reading.

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The best part of this app is that it keeps track of one’s progress as one keeps learning. After you have signed in, you would see a home screen which would show you what all you are going to learn in this app. The units of your lesson will appear along this roadmap. The units are coloured grey till they are locked; on unlocking they appear colourful. You will find a small icon depicting a trophy which will turn gold when you complete and master a unit.

Till date Duolingo is the best educational concept I have seen. It is the best language-learning service among the crowd-sourced ones.

Among the various learning language apps, Duolingo is the best app to learn and practice new languages. Also you learn a variety of languages for free. However this app will not be helpful for the first timers or the beginners who want to learn a language from the scratch. The beginners have to combine it with some dedicated language software like Editors’ Choices and audio CDs from Pimsleur. But those of you who want to hone your skills in a particular language Duolingo is the only option for you.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Easy payment with PayPal

It is evident from the name itself that this application is our e-account, which helps us to deal with all the payments easily. The name is enough to bring a smile and gives us the reason to download this app as soon as possible. It is exhausting to keep a tab of all the details of the account and carry a big sum with you all the time. With this superb app, you can pay anywhere, anytime. It does not restrict you by boundaries instead keeps you connected via the internet services.


Comprehending PayPal

You can freely download this app on your iPhone as well as the android. It means that you can make your payments without paying extra or any taxes easily! It further helps you to track the nearby stores and restaurants that accept this mode of payment. Once you are done with the payment, you will receive a confirmation mail on your phone. Isn’t it awesome? All pay and no efforts!

You can do all your bill payment via this app and even go for BillMe later. In fact, you can also go through the detailed menu and order instantly. This will save the time of standing in long queues. This is a healthy and useful service to both the consumer as well as the retailer. You can easily make the payment through Skype, internet, messages. This ability is due to its well connectedness to all the banks and credit card operators. It works with them to provide a great service to the customers.


Wallet feature of PayPal

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Along with its operation like a wallet, it also gives you the benefit of additional discount. It allows you to place the order, utilize the coupon and then do the payment. This app has five features consisting of wallet, shop, transfer, settings and activities. The shop screen feature is a default setting on this app. It gives the details of the nearby retailer or any other store that you are looking for. You can choose whatever interests you. Thereon, you can unlock the wallet by entering a Pin, which will immediately send your picture to the respected store. Thereon, the moment you enter that particular store or restaurant, mention your payment mode to be PayPal and after that, your work is done. You do not even have to refer back to your phone as PayPal manages all the payment, the moment your photo matches.

The authentication process of PayPal is based on your photo and presence, along with the pin. It functions more like your wallet, or we can say more effectively than that as you do not have to worry if you fall short of cash and even escape the fear of the losing your debit or credit card. Moreover, the facility of just enjoying the meal or collecting your stuff, once you are back from the office or any party, helps you to manage things better. If you do not have PayPal, then you are losing on many good things. So download it as soon as possible! 

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Make your life simpler with Samsung wallet

If your work schedule is too hectic to manage your travelling plans, the one app that will make it a cake walk has entered the technology world. Samsung has launched a new app to make things easier for its users. Now you do not have to weigh down your wallet with those extra coupons and membership cards. The instance we hear the word wallet, we tend to misunderstand it as some digital financial saving kit. This is nowhere related to your regular wallet!


Features of this digital wallet

The function of Samsung wallet app is to store and manage your tickets, coupons, membership cards and boarding passes. You do not have to visit your reservation agents every time to know the details of your journey whether it is by train or by plane. You will get all the information related to your journey along with reminders. So, this wallet is going to be much more useful than you think it to be!
You can even avail the additional grocery coupons and other discount offers by using this app. This app is available on Samsung galaxy S3, S4, Galaxy Note and Note 2, basically optimized for Samsung HD devices. If you have a Samsung device, then do not forget to download this app for more convenient e-booking.


Missing links in this application

The operation of this app is in a certain way similar to its competitor Apple’s Passbook. Apart from the advantages, this app has some missing points too that you should keep into consideration. The app does not support NFC integration or the real payment system. It does not even allow importation between devices. In addition, this app is not available on devices other than Samsung. And in Samsung also, it is restricted to a few versions.  


Why you should have Samsung wallet

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With very few features, this app is still capable of managing the extra work of planning and enjoying travelling as well as shopping offers. The function of every app is to benefit the user by making every task more efficient and easy to handle. You do not have to waste your time and money. In fact, you will be saving your income by utilizing these apps. The purpose of Samsung wallet is similar. The lacking features are still under scrutiny, and the company is working towards enhancing these features according to the customer’s demands.

This exclusive Samsung app is beneficial from the point of view of the retailers too. The company had mentioned its alliance with major retailers during its launch. This proposal has not yet been implemented. Hopefully, we will get to see more amazing features in the future!

You can use this app anywhere with a mobile network and internet connection on your Samsung mobile. Make the maximum of this app when it is not restricted to the selected users and is available for the general users too. You can download it for free and lighten the burden of your wallet by e-storing your add-on services on your favorite Galaxy S4! 
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