Monday, February 28, 2011

1st Weekly Contest from 1-3 March!!

A Homeless Man Finds His Long Lost Daughter via Twitter

I am amazed at the ways how Twitter is being used like other social media sites to help bring people together. One of the most interesting things about Twitter is that many people are using it as a means of trying to get in touch with people that they have been looking for. One such big name case involved a homeless man in New York who used Twitter as a means of finding his daughter who he had been separated from for more than a decade.

What went down

Daniel Morales is a man who was living on the streets of New York and was in a shelter for homeless people in the city. He was given the chance to use Twitter to communicate with people and used it to find his daughter.

What happened was that he divorced from his wife eleven years ago. He pretty much assumed that he would never see his daughter, Sarah Rivera, ever again. He eventually stopped looking for her after a while.

A charitable act

Unheard, a New York charity group that provides mobile phones to homeless people, were able to guide Morales to learn how to use Twitter and use it to handle different kinds of communications. This included knowing how to work with such a device like a mobile phone.

He then posted information on his Twitter page about how to contact him and who his daughter was along with a picture. Rivera eventually found out about this and then finally met up with Morales. They were since able to reunite at last. They are now back together again after being apart for so long.

A bigger meaning

I feel that this heartwarming story shows that social media can be used for more than just communicating with other people or informing people about different things. It can also be used to help create a human connection that is very difficult for people to break off. this connection is one that shows how even people who are separated for long periods of time can still get back together even when it feels that nothing good is ever going to come out of anything.

This is a real benefit that shows just how valuable social media can be. It can involve many personal points that vary by each person but can work in its own unique ways to help keep anyone in touch with other people without worrying about losing anyone over time.

Contest Questions:-

1)      What is the name of the man who finds her daughter?

2)      Name of the social Networking site which helped the man find her daughter?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Playstation Home Offers Global Coverage to the NASA Launch

The NASA space shuttle program is winding down to a close. This important program has brought many great advancements and wonders to society. The PlayStation Home system is allowing people to view the launch of the next NASA flight on February 24.

This is a truly unique experience to see. NASA is clearly one of the most notable agencies in the country and its launches are always big events. The advancement of sharing this on the PSX is a real advancement in technology and how NASA is keeping in touch with people. In fact, this may be just the first time that NASA is going to get its items to be broadcast on such a unique system.

Details of the launch

The space shuttle launch will occur on February 24 at around 4:50 PM Eastern time. This is the current estimated time for departure. The PlayStation Home system will cover the event and even offer details on the Sunset Yacht channel that NASA uses. This is something that can be contacted through the use of the PlayStation home console and a full online connection to get this to work. This is a very simple feature that will not be too tough to handle.

The shuttle launch will involve a very simple function. It will involve the installation of equipment and a series of spare parts for use on the International Space Station. A humanoid robot will also be transported. This is the 39th time that the shuttle program has gone in flight since 1984.

Communication features

People can communicate to each other during the launch. This will come through the Bluetooth communications that the PlayStation Home system can use. This will allow people to communicate with each other and to discuss the shuttle launch and many other aspects of what is going on with NASA.

NASA’s excitement

One thing is for certain about this event. NASA is excited to offer this technology as a means of giving more people the ability to see important events that are going on with NASA. The fact that the PlayStation Home network works around the world means that all people from all parts of the world and not just in North America will be able to see this monumental event live from their own homes.

It is expected that this will continue to evolve over time to where more features are going to be used to where more methods of broadcast can bring people to different NASA events. This is a great development to see.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

An iPhone Application that Promotes Convenience and Independence to the Handicapped

I have seen many cases where people who are handicapped are becoming more mobile and independent around all sorts of places. Many of these features comes form how technology is helping people to live their lives to the fullest. One interesting application that I have noticed is now available on the iPhone. This is the Wheelmap application. This was created by Raul Krauthensen, the creator of the website. It is being used as a means of extending his site to others in a new format.

What is it about?

This application is being used as a means of informing people about the ability of handicapped people to easily get around different establishments. This was originally created with Germany in mind but has since evolved to where it is now being used in the United States and a few other countries. This is used with the intention of making it easier for people to get into different places without worrying about a lack of access to them.

An easy planning system

The ratings that Wheelmap uses on the iPhone are easy to understand. The green icon means that a place is easy for a handicapped person to access. A yellow icon says that there are some problems but it is alright and a red icon says that a place cannot be accessed. People can also add comments and notes to the application to state what places are good for access and what places need additional help. The specifics that are used are very helpful for those who are handicapped.

Who is using it?

Of course, Germany is the most popular country for this application. After all, this is where it originated out of. A number of major cities around the world, including New York and London, have begun to take advantage of this app as well. There are also some attractions in different spaces around the world that have their own tags to make them easier to handle.

This is a very valuable application in that it does more than just tell people who are handicapped what places are accessible and what places aren’t. It also helps them to get the word out about places that need to be covered to where they can possibly get access features ready in the future. This is essential for those who need help going places and want to have access without any boundaries involved. I am hoping that this application continues to evolve to more parts of the world.