Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Sporty and Luxurious Audi A7 Finally Arrives in India

The Audi A7 is a new brand that ought’s to be released in India’s market pretty soon. After my assessing the car, I came t realize that this vehicle holds a lot of luxury and performance in it. This sports car is one that incorporates comfort when it comes to the interior as well as a sporty look on the outside. As a car lover, I really loved the aluminum base frame with the sleek contours. Generally, the car is a work of art and harbors great performance and power which are attributed to the brilliant engine.

Engine Overview

With the engine that comes with the Audi A7, I was definitely convinced that this is one of a kind sports car. The engine comes with a 3L TFSI motor which enables it to generate over 310 hp. The handling of this car can ever get better with its great transmission which would work right when you need to cruise on the highway at top speed. If you need to go for this vehicle, the company has lined up 2 options for you where you can go for the 8 speed automatic vehicle or the 6 speed manual version. This surely offers you with a great time shifting.

In addition to the engine features, I also figured out that the engine is not only effective in generating great horsepower and speeds but it is also effective on the fuel. Having in mind that this is a sports car, which gives a lot of power, you will discover that it is highly efficient. The car only burns 26.2 mpg for city driving and 42.8 mpg while on the highway driving at top speed.

More Luxurious Features

The new Audi A7 launching in India is a trendy Automobile that simply stands out from the crowd. This is one of a kind sports car which brings luxury, comfort and class together. The interior of the car is well lain to make sure that everything works out right for the driver and passengers who might board the vehicle. It has great sound systems and accompaniments.

Additional features of the Audi A7

Launch – April 2011

Price – Gas: Rs. 60 Lakhs

Power – 3.2 FSI tiptronic Quattro engine, 310 PS @ 6500 rpm. Torque: 440 Nm at 4500 rpm

Mileage – 26.2 mpg urban, 42.8 mpg highway

Tank Capacity – 18.5/16.6 gallons

Brakes –ABS


Tires – 18 inches

Features – all wheel drive

Friday, April 29, 2011

Samsung Galaxy 10.1v and Vodafone: A Match Made in Techie Heaven

I like the Vodafone network because it is very easy to work with and can give me coverage in all sorts of places. I have not had any problems with trying to get any tablet to work with the Vodafone network. Any lagging problems that come with any tablet usually come from the tablet’s processor and not from the network’s signal strength. This is why I am interesting in seeing what the Samsung Galaxy 10.1v has to offer.

The Samsung Galaxy 10.1v has a great new link going with Vodafone. This involves Vodafone selling this new tablet to the general public. This is a great deal that I find to be impressive and beneficial for anyone who wants to get a good tablet.

The features are great

There are many useful functions that make the Samsung Galaxy 10.1v useful. The tablet has a 10.1-inch screen, hence the 10.1v name. This screen works with a strong resolution rating to help with keeping the tablet easy to read and use for all kinds of reasons.

There are also the support systems that can be handled. The Samsung Galaxy 10.1v is available with different connections. These include a variety of links for external memory and devices.

Vodafone has a great deal

The deals that Vodafone is offering for the Samsung Galaxy 10.1v are very impressive. The device has a value of $729. A signup can be used for $259 for one year of coverage with Vodafone. This will include fees that go from $39 to $89 for handling 1.5 to 18 GB of information on the tablet. This is a great deal that will allow anyone to use this tablet for more online functions.

Why is this so big?

The reason why the deal with Vodafone and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1v is so big goes beyond the fact that this tablet can work with a good amount of support for data. It is also something that can be a great bargain that anyone can use for a luxury tablet like this. The cost of this tablet alone is very expensive. There is no need to have to pay more money to get coverage on a wireless network set up for it. This is why I am thrilled to report on this great link between Vodafone and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1v. This is something that may end up changing the world of luxury tablets as it is.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Honda CBR 250R: An Ace in Safety and Performance

I think I have talked enough on sports cars and here are a few talks on the motor bike that will thrill you even more. To start with is the Honda CBR 250R which falls in the 250cc sector of sports motor bikes. After this bike debuted in the international market, this sports bike will not be left out on the Indian market. The bike will set into the Indians market very soon and the rumors are spreading really fast. I have already heard of some pals who have already started budgeting on the acquisition of the bike. The bike comes with exceptional power and performance as well as great torque which come along with an attractive body.

Powerful engine for the Honda CBR 250R

With the engine that runs the Honda CBR 250R, I expect the bike to have great power and torque which will not call for rev to achieve great speeds. If you are a fast rider along the freeways, then this is the kind of bike for you. The bike is capable of accelerating at high speeds without putting too much effort on its engine or on the riders’ part. The engine is a six speed transmission which works really fine and positively affects the acceleration and the consumption of the fuel.
The engine is fantastic which makes you experience great performance and power with your rides. The engine is a 250cc which generates great speed and power for the bike to cruise well and offer great support for the rider.


As we know that Honda is a brilliant motor company, the safety of their motor products is the prime aspect that they put in mind. The braking system in the CBR 250R make the vehicle safe for you to control the bike in any speed you might be riding at. The C-BS brakes installed in the motor vehicle are very responsive and would not be as hazardous as one would expect.
The color scheme and the contours in the bike are designed in a professional manner which will definitely make you love the bike at first site and you are as well sure that heads will turn as you ride it along the road and around your local town.

Additional features of the Honda CBR 250R bike

Launch – April 2011

Price – Rs. 150,000 base, 180,000 ABS

Power – 249.4 cc, 4 stroke, DOHC, 4valve water cooled engine

Mileage – 27km/liter

Tank Capacity – 13L

Brakes – C-ABS

Suspension – Front telescopic fork, 37 mm

Tires – 110/70 ×17M / C front, 140/70 × 17M / C rear

Features – 22.9 Nm @7,000 rpm (95/1/EC) torque