Monday, January 31, 2011

Windows 7 Tablet PC: A gamer's dream?

That’s OCS9 multimedia PC tablet, if you want to sound technical. Powered by Intel's Oak Trail (that’s the codename for the next generation Atom platform), the Gamer’s Dream packs enough power for even the demanding online games - including MMORPG and 3D – and social networking applications. It's thus needless saying the level of productivity it can belt out. The Gamer’s Dream unique key interface (OMOS) stands as a major factor to ease and speed the tasks and games many times more than on a laptop or in desktops.

This new platform benefits both business and recreation by overcoming the limitations multi-touch interfaces posed so far. The Intel Atom also grants heavily a performance that made the OCS9 compatible to all games and applications exerting a high-load on the resources.

Why a Gamers Dream?

Multi-touch interfaces now get replaced with the intuitive control mechanism of the virtual keyboard of OCS9, which allows a superior handling of both hardcore and casual web surfing and games. However, there is also a detachable QWERTY controller; among other features, the OCS9 comes ready with Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 HS, GPS, powerful audio and a HUGE battery backup. Other features span over the 9.0 inch, 1024 x 768 pixel display, front (1.3 MP) and rear (3.1 MP) cameras, built-in microphone (for video chat sessions), 64GB internal storage, gaming keys and an Accelerometer. There’s no wonder the manufacturers claim the OCS9 to have removed the bar from hampering a most-usable Tablet PC experience, which is - Revolution in gaming.

Review of Android Pulse News Reader

One thing that I enjoy about the online world is that there are many different news outlets that provide all sorts of information in a number of different helpful forms. These make it easy for me to know what is going on in my area and in other places. They can also give me information on all kinds of news stories from all sections of the news world.

Of course, my Android phone keeps me updated with details on what is going on in the world. One of the best parts comes from how it works with a Pulse News Reader. This is an Android application that provides me with plenty of news updates from a number of different types of sources. This is a helpful application that makes it easy for me to get information on what’s happening around the world.

The Feeds Used Work in Many Forms

There are several different feeds that the Pulse News Reader can handle. This includes feeds from dozens off different websites. In fact, you will be able to get up to twenty-five different feeds supported at one time on a program.

There are a few feeds that have been previously loaded onto the program. These feeds can be kept or replaced with other feeds that one might be more interested in.

Integration with Other Parts

You can also use integration features on the Pulse News Reader. You can use this in a Google Reader program on a phone to help you out with getting your reader to work as well as possible.

Another point is that it can involve a Facebook link. This can allow you to get links from a Facebook stream to work on your Pulse News Reader application.

Other Features

Small animations are used on the program. These are used to scroll through stories when previewing them. This can help you to see if you want to get into a story that is being posted on your program. You can also read some short captions on individual stories before reading them.

This is a very useful and productive application that any Android phone could benefit from. This is an application that involves a great series of controls that are easy to handle and operate while at the same time being informative and useful. You should definitely see how this program can work if you want something great on your Android that will keep you updated with all sorts of news stories in mind.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why this demand for tablets?

iPad’s launch last year April added one more Apple must-have into people’s list fanning sales to 27 million units within July. Google’s survey recorded 9% net-book shoppers and 19% notebook shoppers preferred tablets. This definitely marks a change in shopping patterns and the tablet segment is now a crowded market with net-book sales figures deflating rapidly. So a question generally arises: “Why tablets? Are they the new way to do old things or something that’s new altogether?” A plain answer would be: They are extended versions of notebook computers with added features and exclusive, embedded operating systems.

Functionality defines acceptance

Let’s see what a Tablet PC does (or what you can do with it). It grants the freedom of using a pen as an input device instead of a keyboard. To type, one just needs snapping out a lightweight, removable keyboard or a virtual one on the screen. Or, you may just handwrite a command (in symbols, though; e.g. e-mail). This is the other factor besides an enhanced mobility that allows carrying the Internet, the LAN connection, office suites, multiple applications, web browsers, entertainment and games to be carried around as long as they are not too demanding on resources. A slate model and an external keyboard/docking station can take you much farther than ordinary laptops and this is the  factor that’s making both pure tablets and convertible notebooks gain an upper hand over conventional laptops and net-books. The tablet; however, is not for conservative tech consumers who abhor experiencing the unsettled frontiers.

Legal Issues for Google/Android Remain Unresolved !!

Google has taken control of the Android platform and has made it the main platform that is used on a variety of different smartphones. However, there are a few problems that Google and Android have been dealing with due to the competition involved with others and some legal issues.

The Legal Problem with Oracle

Oracle has its own operating system just like Google for its Android device. Oracle has recently sued Google with regards to the IP that is used here. This IP is based loosely on the Java system.

The point is that Oracle has essentially developed this function first before Google was able to get around to it. As a result, Oracle is looking to try and get money from Google because it has been using the same kind of technology that Oracle has been using.

There are even reports suggesting that Oracle wants to see Google and Android abandon the Java process in favour of something else. This is a real risk that could impact all people who use Android devices with Google’s functions in mind.

Disputes with Others

Microsoft and Apple have both expressed legal concerns over what Google and Android are doing as well. This includes details on copyright infringement and the theft of intellectual property that Google has been using for its Android system. There is even a concern about whether or not the Android operating system can still be an open source system like it currently is.

A Victory is Possible

This does not mean that there is no way how Google and Android could end up losing any legal battles. There have been many cases where other technology giants have been successful when dealing with different legal battles. For example, Compaq fought with IBM in the 1990s but still went along over time even after a battle over how certain computers can be compatible with different functions. The Unix and BSDi battle of the 1990s is another example.

The legal issues that come around with the Google and Android functions are all notable points that should be reviewed. The concern about these issues is that they are all difficult to handle without figuring out how well the legality of a case is. This is a real concern because it involves a good deal of pressure from all sides and could end up taking a while. However, there is the potential for Google to be successful in these ongoing battles with Oracle and other competitors.

Friday, January 28, 2011

PC Tablets

Cold boot:

I can’t help if you’ll find this post harsh, because reality does bite and this is my first post ever, so I have no idea on how to speak the truth concealing it within velvet envelopes. What I intended originally (explaining the tech stuff behind Tablet PCs) received a major setback the day my sweetheart complained me on my weird choice of buying a TV so small (“Your eyes will give away, you understand?”) and it was my Apple iPad MB292LL/A Tablet. Ever since, I have decided keeping tech stuff to myself; the world first has to know about what is what. I thank God for not showing me the day she would think it as a high-tech platter (that it is, but on a different context altogether). But what is the tablet PC, anyway?

Hazard warning

The tablet-PCs are absolute disasters for clueless computer users reluctant to use even a bit of common sense. Whether there are higher numbers getting sold nowadays for people trying to hide their lack of the same is a different question, but fact remains it is not just because the geeks going gaga! It is because people have always fancied getting things done at the thought of it and the Tablet PC does it. Well, almost; so it’s no surprise these tablets are giving the world its much-required dose.

Tablets vs. PCs
Now, isn’t that too much of a prophecy? We know not yet what marvels may show up by mid- or by the end of year 2011, still, with every pair of eyes (and they do not belong alone to gadget freaks) now set on the tablets, it seems they are going to stay the show-stealers this year, much like what laptops enjoyed in 2008 and the following couple of years. They were the technological advancements of the time; yet, with the convenience and the versatile usefulness, tablet PC-s are bound to break any former barriers the laptops had set. And one of them is undoubtedly the power usage; we may expect tablet pc–s that shall use more than 90% of less energy than what desktops consume.

Tapping Tablet sales

iPad from Apple make the others look bleak in comparison; it currently occupies 84% of the total sales of tablets globally, which roughly translates to 7.1 million units and heading towards 12.9 million by the time 2011 gets half-a-year old. IDC (International Data Corp) seems extra hopeful; according to them: by 2014 (i.e. if the world exists; aren’t we afraid about 2012?) the count shall exceed 46 million units, citing a straightaway 57.4% growth annually.

Think before you go ‘Tab’

Being sleek and smart is not a reason behind investing on a tablet; sure, it makes a fabulous accessory (expect at least a dozen pretty girls asking you about it) but for that purpose, there are many things that much of money can buy. So, if you:

·         Don’t have long fingernails,
·         Looking for the missing link between laptops and smart-phones,
·         Know how to operate both -

-then a tablet PC is for you. The style statement comes free if you answered “Yes” to all the above points. Whether it will turn you into a snob or not is a different question altogether. I guess not; that it doesn’t offer a calling facility or allow extra memory is sure to curb any of that feeling you might get while deciding on your dream gadget.

Android World Forum

I have been thinking about a number of names for our Android blog but it is just too hard to come up with something without getting away from the traditional Gizmo King name that has been used here for a while. This is because there are so many different things that are involved in the world of Android phones. There are many different kinds of phones out there along with different applications and other great features. These are all big points that make this blog so useful.

I have created this blog as a means of informing people like you about what is going on with the Android device. This place, the Android World Forum, is one that truly covers the entire world of the Android device.

Why is the Android System Popular?

One of the biggest points about the Android is that it can work with many kinds of devices in mind. It can handle a smartphone that does more than just make phone calls. It can also handle a variety of computer tablets and notebooks.

There is also the large variety of applications that an Android device can handle. There are hundreds of thousands of applications out there with there being more added each day. There are far too many great examples to list here. I can’t even list all of my applications that I use in this simple post.

What We Do

The things that we will do on this site are very useful. For example, we will give you all sorts of details that work with regards to many things regarding what can be done with the Android and how many features you can use with your Android.

We offer plenty of deals that are useful for all people to handle. These include details on not only the technical functions that come with a phone but also the many general features that can be handled. It will be easier for you to understand how this works if you take a look at the posts that we’ll have here.

The big thing that I am looking to do is to get us to make this blog more interactive. This includes offering an ability to communicate with me and others here and to even win prizes during the many contests that we will have throughout the year at varying times.

This blog is truly a great place to visit when getting into the world of the Android phone. This will be something that will give you everything you ever needed to know about this great type of phone