CONTEST Terms and Conditions!!!

Terms and Conditions

The following details the legal agreements set up for the Gizmo King contest. You must agree on these terms if you are going to enter the contest. You will not be allowed into the contest if you do not agree with the terms and conditions.
  1. Eligibility.

    • There are no fees involved for using Facebook or for entering the contest.

    • You will need to “Like” the Facebook page and “ Follow” the blog and subscribe to RSS feeds if you would want to get easy updates about the contest that would better your chances of winning the prize money.

    • To Follow : Click the FOLLOW button located at the bottom right hand side of the page.

  1. How To Answer.

    • All questions must be answered correctly if you are going to be eligible to win a prize. The questions must be answered as quickly as possible; you will get more points in the contest if you answer the questions earlier than others.

    • The questions will consist of general questions that are based on the articles that are posted during the day. There will be at least two each day with no set maximum involved.

    • You will have to enter your answer for each article in its respective comment section in the same sequence as asked i.e. you will need to answer the questions as Question 1 and Question 2.

    • You will receive points for getting a correct answer in the game. You will earn more if you are able to answer as soon as possible.

    • The comments will be moderated on Thursdays and published on Fridays.

    • There is no set number of articles or questions to be used during the entry period. The number of articles involved in a contest will vary each week.
    • The winner will be the person with the most points at the end of the contest. A drawing among all first place finishers will be used in the event that there is a tie for first at the end of the contest.

    • A full chart will feature the points given to all participants. This will be offered every Saturday.

  1. Scoring.

    • The scoring will go as follows for the game:

                                        i.      5 points for first person to enter in the correct answer
                                        ii.      4 points for second person to enter in correctly
                                        iii.      3 points for third person to be correct
                                        iv.      1 point for all others who answer correctly
                                        v.      1 point extra for Fshare and Flike; only one is allowed for each article

    • All points are calculated from Monday to Thursday. The weekly prize will go to the person with the most points for that particular week.

    • We will display all the points earned by each user on a weekly basis, just so you know where you stand and what are you chances !!!

    • All points earned each week will go towards the monthly bumper prize for all players. These points will not go towards other weekly contests.

  1. Prizes.

    • The weekly contest will feature a prize of Rs. 2000/$45 to the person with the highest score. The second and third place contests will get 10 and 5 points respectively for the monthly prize drawing.

    • The monthly contest involves all points from each week calculated together. The prize is Rs. 4000/$90 for the person with the highest score for all four weeks.

  1. Timeline.

    • The timeline for entry is limited. Beginning on 1 March 2011 you can enter between Mondays at 12:01 AM to Thursdays at 11:59 PM.

    • The results of a contest will be announced as early as Friday

    • You will need to respond to any prizes that you have won within twenty-four hours of being contacted. Failing to respond on time will cause your prize to go to whoever finished in second place.

  1. How To Earn Prizes.

    • You must be able to take payments from Money Order, banks transfers in India or through PayPal for payments in India or overseas if you are going to earn any of the prizes in the contest.

    • Contestants outside of India cannot get prizes moved to their bank accounts; they must get their prizes through PayPal.

    • The PayPal account must be valid before any prizes can be earned through the service. Your PayPal ID and the name of the person holding the ID will be required.

    • For Money Order :

·         Full name of the person

·         Exact address with Pin Code

·         Telephone  number( We’ll be confirming the number)

    • All bank payments must include the following:

·         The full name of the person listed on the account
·         A/C number
·         The name of the bank
·         IFSC code
·         Branch code

·         You will need to have a bank account or an account linked to PayPal. You can get money credited to your account if you do not have a bank account. We cannot be held liable for losses in this case.

·         You will also need to provide feedback after you get your prize. This is to acknowledge that you won.

·         A photo of yourself and link to your Facebook page are required upon winning. These links must be sent through the first email that told you that you won.

  1. Liability.

    • Gizmo King cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information listed on the site. The site is also not responsible for any delays or errors in communication. The site is also not liable for damages to your computer or yourself.

    • In the event that the contest cannot operate due to any reason beyond Gizmo King’s control, Gizmo King will have the right to adjust the rules of the contest or cancel it if needed.

  1. Conduct.

    • Gizmo King has the right to remove anyone who does not follow proper conduct standards from the contest. This includes those who attempt to disrupt the contest, annoy other users or threaten anyone.

    • Any attempt to intentionally damage or harm the operation can be interpreted as a violation of criminal and civil law. Gizmo King will have the right to seek damages from a contestant who attempts this.