Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Maybach 62 S Isn’t Your Average Sports Car

I’ll admit that I have no real idea of what Maybach does. However, I have become a little more interested in the company thanks in part to the Maybach 62 S. It’s one of the most powerful vehicles I’ve seen in what seems like forever.

Incredibly Strong

It’s clear that the Maybach 62 S is made for those who are very wealthy. In fact, the vehicle has a V12 engine. That’s something you won’t see in low-end vehicles.

This 620 hp engine has an automatic transmission. It is designed to make the vehicle work without the hassle of having to adjust gears.

The engine even has a low center of gravity. It works with a reduced height of 15 mm to make it so the vehicle can go a little faster. It is a unique feature that adds to the value of what goes into the car.

Image courtesy of maybachusa.com

Keep the Brakes Going

The braking system is also useful. It uses the Sensotronic Brake Control feature to get the braking system to work well. Part of this includes working with the right amount of braking power to keep the brakes working the right way with the right amount of precision. It has to be seen carefully to make sure that the vehicle is operating safely.

The Parktronic system links to the engine as well. It uses sonic waves around the vehicle to find obstacles in an area. It is used with parking purposes in mind.

A Comfortable Ride

The ride on the Maybach 62 S is something that I particularly enjoyed. It is made to make the vehicle more comfortable. Part of this includes the way how the driver is made comfortable through the car adjusting the shoulder belt automatically. This is based on the height of the user.

There are also the fashionable leather trims and seats around the vehicle. The leather is not only soft but is also treated with a consistent appearance and color. It makes the ride all the more valuable.

Unique Entertainment

The final feature of the 62 S is the beautiful sound system that comes with it. The sound system is made with a grand total of twenty-one speakers. The system also uses a dynamic range to make the sound work well. The sounds that you’ll get out of this system are more realistic than what you might find elsewhere.

I feel that this vehicle is a very unique option for anyone to see. The Maybach 62 S is an interesting car that offers more for anyone. It may cost a great deal of money to get but it is a vehicle that offers the most power that you could handle for a vehicle.

Image courtesy of maybachusa.com

Price: $430,000
Engine: 620 hp V12 engine
Speed: 155 mph
Transmission: Five speed automatic transmission
Acceleration: 0-60 in 5.2 seconds
Additional features: Twenty-one speaker system, adjustable seat belts, keyless entry and start, optional solar-powered vents, optional intercom system

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