Tuesday, September 27, 2011

AT&T Bringing Out the Acer Iconia Tab A501

The Acer Iconia Tab A501 is a great new tablet that will truly be more impressive than its competitors. In fact, this device has made it easier for people to handle different kinds of functions thanks to the new operating system that comes with the tablet. In fact, AT&T is going to be selling this product at a great value. I think this has a good shot for getting into the world of tablets and even competing with Apple.

What the tablet is about

The A501 is a tablet that features a seven inch screen and works with a good amount of internal memory. It works with 16 GB of memory although there are also more expensive 32 and 64 GB versions of the tablet for sale as well. A touchscreen will work well to get people to move around the program. This includes moving around with the Hynix DDR2 memory powering all kinds of functions.

SD card support is also used. However, this can only be used for loading media files onto it. These include music and video files along with some other kinds of documents that can be read by different applications on the tablet.

The Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system will also be used here. This is the most advanced version of the OS yet. It will also be able to support the pending Android 3.1 upgrade when it does come out. I will definitely be looking forward to this update.

Image courtesy of Engadget

What is its value?

The value of this Acer model will be very strong. It will be worth $480 to get a 16 GB version. However, a cheaper version for $330 can be used. This is provided that the user pays for a two year plan to get the device to link into the AT&T 4G network.

I enjoy this network because it is very fast and easy to work with. However, it is not going to work in every single spot. It has worked for me for the most part though.

Fast speeds

The big point about the 4G network is that it will allow the device to work with a variety of faster functions that are easier to handle on any kind of computer. This is a great benefit but there are some concerns about how the 4G network may not be available in all spots. This is a concern but the speeds can be useful when they are used on the tablet.

The Acer Iconia Tab A501 will be available for use on September 18. This is a great time for the release in that it will be coming out well ahead of other devices that are coming, thus helping to get Acer a slight advantage over many other companies that want to get new tablets out. The support from AT&T should also help to keep it up.

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