Sunday, September 18, 2011

Maserati Kubang

Maserati has entered the luxury SUV game with its new Kubang. This is an appealing model that offers a variety of different items that are unique to the vehicle and has made me a little more interested in what Maserati has to offer.

This vehicle features a great design that is strong and easy to handle. It also works with one of the more powerful engines to have come out in recent years. The features that come with this vehicle are some of the best things for anyone to see when it comes to finding a quickly vehicle in the world of luxury SUVs.

An impressive engine

The engine for the Kubang is going to be a brand new option. This is an engine that will be designed by Paolo Martinelli, a designer who is experienced with the Ferrari Formula 1 team. It will feature an eight speed automatic system that is easy to adjust and will support strong speeds. The engine will be a V8 engine that can support 390 bhp at 7000 rpm. This works very well along with the four wheel drive feature that is used to help keep the vehicle working as well as possible.
How many people?

The capacity of the Kubang is very strong. It can feature space for five people with two going in the front and three being found in the back part. An interesting point about the Kubang is that has support to get an additional two seats down to the back of the vehicle to create a third row of seating. This may be used to create something that is attractive without any issues coming out of the way.

Where the design is inspired

A big part of getting the Kubang ready involves its strong design. The vehicle is designed with a chassis that is similar to what Jeep has been using with its Grand Cherokee. I feel that people should be a little more used to this thanks to this feature.

However, it has a profile that is curved and slanted to where it has a coupe appearance to it. This is used to help create something appealing and handsome that anyone can have fun with. This is combined with a large grille to make the vehicle more refined and even more aggressive on the road. It features a combination of luxury and toughness that make this unique.

This is a vehicle that will be attractive and useful. These are great features that are impressive and will work without any difficulties to ensure that a person will have a better time with controlling a vehicle and will do more with it.


Price – $130,000
Engine – 40HC V8 from Ferrari
Transmission – four wheel drive
Top speed – 160 mph
Acceleration – 0-60 mpg in 5.5 seconds
Transmission – eight speed automatic

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