Saturday, January 29, 2011

Legal Issues for Google/Android Remain Unresolved !!

Google has taken control of the Android platform and has made it the main platform that is used on a variety of different smartphones. However, there are a few problems that Google and Android have been dealing with due to the competition involved with others and some legal issues.

The Legal Problem with Oracle

Oracle has its own operating system just like Google for its Android device. Oracle has recently sued Google with regards to the IP that is used here. This IP is based loosely on the Java system.

The point is that Oracle has essentially developed this function first before Google was able to get around to it. As a result, Oracle is looking to try and get money from Google because it has been using the same kind of technology that Oracle has been using.

There are even reports suggesting that Oracle wants to see Google and Android abandon the Java process in favour of something else. This is a real risk that could impact all people who use Android devices with Google’s functions in mind.

Disputes with Others

Microsoft and Apple have both expressed legal concerns over what Google and Android are doing as well. This includes details on copyright infringement and the theft of intellectual property that Google has been using for its Android system. There is even a concern about whether or not the Android operating system can still be an open source system like it currently is.

A Victory is Possible

This does not mean that there is no way how Google and Android could end up losing any legal battles. There have been many cases where other technology giants have been successful when dealing with different legal battles. For example, Compaq fought with IBM in the 1990s but still went along over time even after a battle over how certain computers can be compatible with different functions. The Unix and BSDi battle of the 1990s is another example.

The legal issues that come around with the Google and Android functions are all notable points that should be reviewed. The concern about these issues is that they are all difficult to handle without figuring out how well the legality of a case is. This is a real concern because it involves a good deal of pressure from all sides and could end up taking a while. However, there is the potential for Google to be successful in these ongoing battles with Oracle and other competitors.


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