Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We welcome all readers to Gizmo-King !!!

We are looking for friends and readers from the most technologically advanced to those who do not have a clue about anything digital or electronic.  There are so many advances occurring with PC Tablets, Android, iPhone/iPad etc. that there needs to be a good place to come for great unbiased information.  We would rather get our information from real developers and users than merely skimming what the vendors marketing provides.  This will cut through the hype and give all of us access to real facts that we can all use.
We hope you will take a few moments to browse the contents of our blog.  There is a good section devoted solely to “PC Tablets”.  Another section is devoted to “Android”.  A third section will be the latest technological news about upcoming releases and products.   This “Have you heard the latest news” will keep you on the cutting edge of what is going on.   Finally, a fourth section is a fun free-for-all area entitled “Versus”.  Here we want our readers to defend their favorites or slam the competition in a light-hearted manner. 
Come on in and if you are a technological wizard, you can enlighten us all.  If you are technologically illiterate, you can find good solid information to get yourself up to speed.  If you are in the middle and a very comfortable user, there is room for you here as well.

Knowledge is power and that is what we want to share here.  Good information, ideas, and comments will increase our knowledge and help us grow in this technological age.
Growth and Additions
Keep watching as our blog subjects and sections expand.  New topics are on the horizon and will soon be introduced.  Use the comment section and do not hesitate to make suggestions on what you would like to read and discuss as well. 

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