Friday, January 28, 2011

Android World Forum

I have been thinking about a number of names for our Android blog but it is just too hard to come up with something without getting away from the traditional Gizmo King name that has been used here for a while. This is because there are so many different things that are involved in the world of Android phones. There are many different kinds of phones out there along with different applications and other great features. These are all big points that make this blog so useful.

I have created this blog as a means of informing people like you about what is going on with the Android device. This place, the Android World Forum, is one that truly covers the entire world of the Android device.

Why is the Android System Popular?

One of the biggest points about the Android is that it can work with many kinds of devices in mind. It can handle a smartphone that does more than just make phone calls. It can also handle a variety of computer tablets and notebooks.

There is also the large variety of applications that an Android device can handle. There are hundreds of thousands of applications out there with there being more added each day. There are far too many great examples to list here. I can’t even list all of my applications that I use in this simple post.

What We Do

The things that we will do on this site are very useful. For example, we will give you all sorts of details that work with regards to many things regarding what can be done with the Android and how many features you can use with your Android.

We offer plenty of deals that are useful for all people to handle. These include details on not only the technical functions that come with a phone but also the many general features that can be handled. It will be easier for you to understand how this works if you take a look at the posts that we’ll have here.

The big thing that I am looking to do is to get us to make this blog more interactive. This includes offering an ability to communicate with me and others here and to even win prizes during the many contests that we will have throughout the year at varying times.

This blog is truly a great place to visit when getting into the world of the Android phone. This will be something that will give you everything you ever needed to know about this great type of phone


malavika said...

that's awesome!
looking forward to more updates!

Gizmo-King said...

Thanks a lot...we'll be posting in a bit...appreciate you insights on the same !!!