Friday, October 4, 2013

Enhance your vocabulary with Wordly

You do not have to get confused. This app is not like some dictionary! It is an interesting way of improving your knowledge of words by playing a simple yet fun-filled game.  You can enjoy this game on your android or iphone at no cost. It is one of the best games, which solves the purpose of amusement and learning.


How does it function

This word game is developed by Scopely, who earlier came with interesting games like Mini Golf Match Up, Jewels with buddies and many more. This is unlike those boring games that are there for educational purpose. This game has received the title of being the most “addictive” one. You just cannot have enough of this letter game. All you need to do is download it free on your Smartphone and play it anywhere with your family and friends.

You can even interact with your buddies while playing this exemplary game, where you can pose a threat to the literary figure like Shakespeare! Further, you can compete with Cleopatra and Einstein in this game! When it is sounding so exciting, imagine the thrilling experience that you are going to have while playing it.


Features of this app

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The features of this gaming app other than competing with your friends, facing the historical personalities and remaining connected via Facebook, messaging and Twitter are enjoying new challenges everyday with the usage of gaming boards. There are titles from a Novice to that of the Master and many more exciting trophies that will make you feel like a winner of spell bee! You can further use word hint and wild tiles to increase your powers and establish that victory over your rivals.

This is one game that will connect you with your loved ones not as friends but foes! In addition, you can play multiple games in one go. The new version has better graphics and tricks that keep you connected. This game has a single player feature too. You can establish your win by means of letter tiles, where you can increase the length of the word to have an upper hand in the game. The best thing about this game is that it is easy to grasp and anybody can play this game. It is a great time-pass where you enhance your word knowledge.

Earlier this game was available at a low price but now this app is absolutely free. So you can enjoy its maximum benefits without worrying about the price. In fact, the new version has been modified as there is no bugs issue anymore! Enjoy your game with no obstruction. Be ready to paint the tiles blue with the maximum words!

There are certain missing points in this game that might bother you a little but with consistent progress, the developers are trying to eliminate these issues in the next versions. However, the drawbacks are very minor when you compare it with this landgrab game. If you are devoid of this game, then you are missing one of the most edutainment applications!

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