Thursday, October 3, 2013

Experience the Digital Paper with Papyrus

If you want to experience the perfect combo of the natural and the virtual notepad, then Papyrus is apt for you. This android app helps you to enhance your writing skills and keeps you in touch with your pen, here the S pen.  You will be in using your handwriting on a digital platform. You do not have to be scared of losing that touch with the conventional notion of taking notes with the rapid growth of technology. This technology blends this notion of taking notes with modern methods, which will be of further benefit to you.


Understanding this App  

This app is similar to other apps that have been designed to make notes easier to take and use. You can write these notes with your S pen, even add colors, edit strokes and arrange your notebook. There on, you can further share these notes with your friends by means of internet or other web services. These notes will accompany you wherever your phone goes. You can access them any time you want to revise them. It works in accord with the current technology. 

There are various similarities between this app and other note taking applications. What makes it different is the notion of natural handwriting, where you write with a pen and erase with your finger touch. Android has enhanced the systematic approach towards various tasks. Among all the services, this one has been very beneficial to the students as well as other professionals.  Re-create the magic of pencil and eraser on the digital platform using this amazing application!


Additional Features in Comparison to Other Note Apps

This app has the advantage of multiple page scrolling. You can even have many pages and get that multiple view, which is absent in most of the apps. It is easier to instantly take notes with your mere touch. Moreover, you can add pictures, graphics and export them to PDF and JPEG. It is just like the word software that simplifies the note taking procedure along with storing the information.

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Every app has some or the other features that are not in accordance with the current technology. Everyday there is some new app that is more efficient than the previous one, with added features that were missing to encourage its usage. This app is also not perfect. It has certain advantages as well as disadvantages. However, the advantages overshadow the missing point, and these applications are constantly modified to meet the challenges and expectations of the users. You can see new versions coming up after a definite period to add that missing link.

If you have bad handwriting, then improve your writing using this “natural note taking” app!  Every application is different and it is designed in sync with the changing needs of customers. If you think this is the one for you, then you can download it on your Samsung Galaxy smart phones and use these apps instantly. Experience the touch and improve your creativity with the help of this application.  

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