Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gather All the Information Using Microsoft OneNote

Grab hold of all the notes by using Microsoft OneNote that can travel with you anywhere. You can make the maximum utilization of this on androids or iphones, no matter where you are. This app will accompany you to your office, flight, home and even restaurants. It is a great service for all the techno freaks. You can capture those valuable data anywhere. Moreover, the additional advantage favors sharing information to all your friends. Now you do not have to wait for more days to share the essential details about the birthday planning!

Add more details via this amazing app

This app is not just restricted to personal details; you can also use it on the professional front. With this awesome service, share photos, innovative ideas, plan your holidays and create a systematic approach to start studying for the upcoming exams. You can filter all these information here and then use it whenever you want. It will help you to meet your deadlines and do work more efficiently.
This user-friendly app is easily available on your smartphones as well as tablets. All the current information is automatically stored via this service. This update keeps you from falling in the conventional slab, so that you can move forward with the current technology.

Essential Features That Makes It Different from Other Apps

You can easily access and search your notes with its efficient navigation. The current app has a better formatting of notes along with consistency. You can get hold of all the current data as this software is designed such that it can synchronize with skydrive. It further gives you the benefit of editing tables or the existing data that is stored. You can easily see ink annotations with the help of this app.

Use OneNote for free

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You can have this application free on your iphone or any other smartphones. It is easily available on Microsoft store. The users of ios, Windows 8, Windows phone and android can use this application at no cost. You can utilize its advanced operations by opting for a version, that is not free.

This app is very useful for the students. As it is a free web service, you can share notes and create them effortlessly using this app. It is also efficient in solving the mathematical problems including logarithms, trigonometric functions, integral and other functions. Make those lectures easy to understand using OneNote that can simplify it furthermore with automatic bulleting. In terms of efficiency, it is better than Evernote, especially the impressive text formatting.

Enjoy the power of adding, deleting as well as renaming your notes using this application on your iphones. You do not have to put input every time, as this app will automatically re create your list. Make notes more interesting by adding colors, audios, pictures, links and added information from time to time using this amazing service. In addition, share these notes with your friends and get their response on the spot. Make your learning experience more creative and catchy using this Microsoft app! 

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