Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Move smoothly with the Floating Touch

Android has brought forth many features that make it a user- friendly device. The new apps offered by android are easy to understand and are in accordance with the latest technology. Even a single application begets a magical change in your mobile. It justifies the growing dependency of human beings on this gadget. Among its various apps, Floating Touch has added a contribution in the field of technological advancement. This floating tool helps to make the work efficient and faster like the other apps.

About Floating Touch

The idea of this app is based on the Chat Head feature of Facebook. However, Chat Head is all about messaging and notification alert, the function of this app is to bring forth the icons as well as other apps with a single touch. The floating touch is very effective in its function. In comparison to the popularity of the Chat Head, android came up with the astounding app that gives it a tough competition!

This app gives the benefit of gliding anywhere on the windows or mobile screen. This floating icon on the top of your screen is rapid enough to lock, unlock, and move anything on the Home screen. You are just a single touch away from performing any function within a few seconds. In fact, you also have the option of automatically hiding this tapper whenever you want into the notification bar.


Features of this app

There are overall eight segments that will help you to function in different ways.  These are mainly the navigation tools, toggles that are configurated in the setting option. The moment you tap any option, you will go into the depth of a menu. You will come across a series of options and choose accordingly from them.

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The major advantage of this app is its quickness. You do not have to wait for long to access your Wi-Fi, or erase the vacant memory with just a tap. There are various versions of this amazing application that are available now. It is efficient for those users who are performing multiple functions at one time. It will work to handle these operations easily and perform multiple tasks in one go.

You further have the advantage of changing the display of the icon, its color and size. You can choose from the option of the superheroes like Caption America, Superman logo and many more. Be ready to enjoy the swiftness of these pop ups to access all the shortcuts keys with just a touch. 

You can download it free on your android device and enjoy the eight amazing tools of this app. The free version is restricted in terms of its feature display and this can be further enhanced by buying a Pro version for two dollars. Then you can use the plethora of exciting functions of this app and even set up or design your own logo. Download this thrilling app on your android and enhance its capability as a great device.   

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