Friday, June 24, 2011

The Bugatti Veyron is a True Thrill

With the new Bugatti veyron, you will definitely learn that this is where art, speed and class meet. The buggatti car brand is known in the world as a rare piece of mechanical machine on the road. The car is also considered as the most expensive and fast sports car in the world.
With such fame and class, why shouldn’t I talk of this car in my blog? I will talk about this expensive and rare car in this post and teach you of the vibrant features coming with this new revolution in the world of sports cars.

The sports car comes with an engine that you would never find in any ordinary car, this engine is specifically made for the Bugatti Veyron which comes with more horsepower and cylinders. The Bugatti Veyron comes with a fascinating 8.0L W16 engine that has the capability of handling multiple charges as well as a larger amount of functionalities. This is a car that you will rarely find in your local town’s street, it is capable of handling more than 200 miles per hour and it’s capable of generating more than 1,000 horsepower.

Multiple Radiators Functions

I was taken by surprise to learn that this vehicle is powered by more than 10 different radiators. This world class sports car has 3 individual radiators that are used in the car’s engine. Another radiator is also found on the transmission and another one is also available to handle on  the engine oil needs.

Long Lasting Breaks

I was trying to fantasize on how this super fast vehicle would cruise on a highway, I would really love to have this car in my hands and boast of how cool the car was as well as the feeling one had while driving around. 
As a driver who loves speed, the breaking system ought to be strong enough to handle the super fast speed generated by the car. The breaking system in the Bugatti Veyron is made of the carbon fibers as well as silicon carbide materials. These are one of the best materials in break making industry offering the ultimate breaking capabilities when you need them. the materials have been tested and certified to last longer and would rarely wear out.

Other Features in the Bugatti veyron

Price - Rs. 13, 60, 00,000

Engine – 8.0L W16 engine

Fastest speed – 408 km/h

Fuel tank – 100L

Fuel usage – 3.5 km/L

Brakes – rear disk, front ventilated

Features – seats two people, uses carbon fibre brakes

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