Monday, June 20, 2011

The Jaguar XJ is a Real Thrill

Even though I have my cool Porsche sports car, I still admire the art and class that is brought forth once I set my eyes on the Jaguar. This is one of the most luxurious cars in the sports car market and the Jaguar XJ absolutely brings into combination performance and luxury.
With its 385horsepower V8 engine, you will definitely realize that this car will perform beyond anyone’s expectations. The engine has a direct fuel injection capability. This will surely enable the vehicle to operate better and quickly and effectively as possible.

State of the art technology incorporation

Talk of technology! The Jaguar XJ blew me away with its keyless start and entry system which surely makes the drive have an improved ability to use the vehicle as well as embrace the latest technology in the motor world. When it comes to handling the car’s directions as well as the media and navigation of the vehicle, there is the incorporation of the disk drive which makes this an easy endeavor. Another astonishing feature of their car is the capability of the drive to control the climate zone that they want their vehicle to be in. Generally, the car has the ability to be adjusted into two major climate zones. This comes in handy since one is able to adjust this to different settings to meet the different people.

The luxurious interior

As I went through slide shows from the internet on the Jaguar XJ, I was really impressed by the outlay of the vehicle’s interior. There are 4 different options for the interior which include ivory which is used in the headlining in most cases. On the other hand, there is the use of the carbon fiber as well as burl walnut which is incorporated in the veneer. When it gets to the instrumentation of the designs on the interior, you will come to realize that the traditional designs have been replaced by the virtual designs which would be changed in accordance with the needs of the owner’s vehicles in its use.
Isn’t the Jaguar XJ brilliant? All these features are well fit and will surely fit ones needs as well as fascinate since this is a car that is unique and one that is not common on our roads.

Other features that come with the Jaguar XJ

Price-   Rs 95,00,000*

Engine – 385 hp 5.0L V8

Gas tank – 21.7 gallons

Mileage – 19 mpg combined

Weight – 5,072 pounds

Tyres – 19 inches

Features – six speed automatic transmission

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