Sunday, June 26, 2011

Experience the Amazing Aston Martin V8 Vantage

My great pal Andrew Robinson loves to have powerful vehicles that incorporate art and class in his garage as I do. After I got my Porsche 911 Carrera, he decided to get a rival car which is the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. The car is good looking and also has power in its transmission which translates to great power.
The car has been built in various forms as new trends tend to emerge. The car is updated to various forms and strengths to cope with the art and technology that is coming up in the sports car world. In the new model, lots of features have been added to make it more durable and powerful and ultimately appealing to people who might be interested in owning this rare piece.

As soon as I took my great friend Robinson for a spin in my new ride, he was fascinated by the feel he got from it and the power that he felt from the sports car when I gave him a chance to drive it. Since we love getting the latest sports cars that will turn heads when we drive by the beach or round the local town, he decided to get himself another rare piece of the Aston Martin V8Vantage.
The sports car come with an aluminum based engine as well as a 4.7L capacity. The engine originates from pressed cylinder liners that work opposed to the traditional cast-in options that you commonly find in most engines.

Brilliant Transmission

When I said that Andrew was shopping for a rival to my Porsche, I was certainly right since the car has a great and powerful transmission. The technology employed is the sports shift transmission that makes use of the lightweight flywheel. This aids in making the transmission change in the vehicle easy as it is automatic. The transmission as well offers the drive with the option of having the sports shifting or the restrained option.

Interior components

What’s the use of having a car that will not offer you a great experience with are interior features? The V8 Vantage comes with awesome interior features that you will never get in previous versions of this model. The steering wheel comes with additional controls for easier and additional functions controls. As it is with other models which have their antennas that are glass like in the older versions, the new V8 Vantage has the antenna mounted on the body of the car. The navigation system of the vehicle has better programming which makes it easy for it to work with a strong series of controls. These and many more features are found on the interior of this brilliant V8 vantage Aston Martin.

Other features incorporated in the V8 Vantage

Price – Rs 2, 55, 00,000

Engine – 420 hp 4.7L V8

Acceleration – 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds

Top speed – 180 mph

Weight – 3,595 pounds with 49/51 distribution

Tires – 19 inches

Features – hard drive for the navigation system

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