Saturday, June 25, 2011

What Makes the Maserati Gran Cabrio Bigger and Better?

With the newly released Maserati Cabro is a state of the art vehicle incorporate the latest technology in the world of motor sports vehicles. When you look at the car, you will certainly realize that this is a new model in the Maserati family. When I first so it on its launch show, I was highly interested in knowing what it encompasses as well as the features that make it vibrant.

The Maserati is a four seat cabriolet vehicle which comes with a convertible top that features a low centre of gravity. This surely comes in handy when it gets to handling the vehicle more carefully and easily.
This powerful machine also features a six speed transmission that is automatic as well as an eight cylinder engine. With the engine are also 2 overhead camshafts and 4 valves on each of the engine’s cylinders.

How the skyhook operates

The skyhook suspensions that come with the Maserati Gran cabrio make it stronger and durable. Another feature that made me love the Cabrio is its use of dampers that work along the aluminum construction to assist it in keeping damping in good shape as the vehicle moves around. The dampers are also useful, because they monitor on how the car accelerates and whether there are changes that are being made to the tyre movements of the vehicle. In addition to these, the dampers are also adjusted to ensure that there is a better and greater amount of control that is easily handled.


With the speed that the Maserati comes with safety should as well be a primary aspect to what o as the craftsmen come up with the car. I love the safety that the vehicle guarantees its users since one is sure of great protection as you cruise along the road.

As a crucial aspect the car has been fitted with airbags which employ the use of the Low Risk Deployment technology that ensures that the airbags have controlled intensity in respect to the magnitude of the crash. The roll bars in the Maserati are also great with their ability to extend quickly as well as activate in a short span. A sports car without a sensitive breaking system is no good since it is more prone to accidents that might have been avoided. To solve this problem, the breaks assist system in this fast machine makes it possible for the vehicle’s system to measure the speed at which the break has been pushed at so as to offer a quick response enabling the sports car to stop at the right time.

Other Features
Price – Rs 1,42,99,000*

Engine – eight cylinders at 440 bhp at 7000 rpm

Weight – 1,887 kg

Gas mileage – 15.23 L per 100 km

Fuel capacity – 75 L

Acceleration – 0-100 km/h in 5.3 seconds

Top speed – 283 km/h

Features – Electric Park Brake, Brake Assist System, canvas top, six speed automatic transmission

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