Tuesday, November 15, 2011

106 & Park Now Has Its Own Application

106 & Park is one of the hottest programs on BET. This program features the latest hip hop and rap videos. It appears on weekdays and features all kinds of great things that are appealing to today’s urban culture. Today it has become more interactive than ever before by offering its very own application for the Android. Here’s a look at what makes the 106 & Park Android application as useful of an application as it is.

Show updates are available
First, the application will allow people to get information on different events that are going on with the show. This includes taking a look at the guests that are coming on the show and information on all of the new videos and features that are coming to the show. Practically everything that is going on with the show can be covered here.

Information on artists in the show and videos of past episodes can be found as well. It can be easy to get into different features on the show with this app.

Interactive features
Image courtesy of Androidblip

There are a few other interactive features to see as well. The 106 Nation part of the app allows people to tag their location and to see where other 106 & Park watchers are located. This can include the potential to get a call from the hosts as the show is going on.

Live Twitter updates are also available. People can tweet messages to each other as the show goes on.

Unique contests are available
One point about the application that makes it special is that it features a special feature that allows people to get in touch with special 106 & Park events. The user can scan the Code106 barcode during the show and then get it read by the application. This will allow the user to get information on different contests and special bonuses for people who have the application. This is a great feature that is attractive and is very inviting because it involves many unique points that are available only to those who have the application.

The application for 106 & Park is a very appealing app that anyone can use. This app allows people to get into the show and have more fun with it. It allows people to see more and to do more with the show and even get in touch with the people who are behind it, thus making it all the more appealing for anyone to have fun with.

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