Sunday, November 20, 2011

What the 2012 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Features

I don’t know of too many car companies that are quite like Alfa Romeo. One of the newest cards from Alfa Romeo for prospective buyers to take a look at is the 2012 Alfa Romeo Giulietta. This is a new vehicle that will feature a series of different things that will make it unique. It is not only useful and functional for all kinds of needs but it is also more affordable than some of the other models on the road that Alfa Romeo has been making in recent years.

A big return

One of the things that make me excited about the Giulietta isn’t so much the features of the vehicle but rather the fact that this vehicle is being reintroduced to some markets. This is thanks in part to Chrysler’s involvement with Alfa Romeo. This has made it so Alfa Romeo can return to markets like the United States where Alfa Romeo has not been easy to find or even marketed to people.

A simple design

The vehicle is one that will be affordable for anyone to handle. It is a five seat hatchback that has been made with a great system that involves economy driving in mind. It is made with an affordable series of materials that work for the typical driver to enjoy. Some of the best features of this include a turbo four engine that is fast for anyone to work with for typical driving needs.

Custom controls

It is easy to get the seating and other features controlled in accordance to the needs that a person has. The Giuletta features the Alfa DNA system. This works to set up the driving position of a person with regards to seat position and where the steering wheel is. This is used to create a great design that is easy for anyone to drive with without any issues in the way. I like this feature because when I drive a car I usually deal with other people calling shotgun. This is why it helps for me to find something that works with different options.

There are some other great points to find as well. There are LED lights in the vehicle that work to handle sight with ease. There is also a design on the vehicle that works with a curve with scallops around the hood to create a more aerodynamic and visually appealing design. These features are used to create something attractive and interesting to see when on the road. The weight of the vehicle is also about two thousand pounds, making it so it will not take up too much mass or be difficult to accelerate. In fact, the vehicle’s acceleration works to get anyone to speed quickly.

Engine – 1.7L turbo four engine
Top speed – 251 km/h
Acceleration – 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5s
Tyres – 19 inches
Transmission – six speed automatic or dual clutch automatic
Other features – adjustable seats, LED lights,
Price - $28,000

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