Friday, November 18, 2011

Space Conquest is a Fun and Cheap Android Application

I find it amazing how there are so many good Android applications that are not only entertaining but also very cheap. One of these apps that really are enjoyable and cheap is Space Conquest. This is an app that features a simple goal that involves a simple and easy to play while being a great challenge. It is very reminiscent of old-school shooters that I am very interested in playing.

What the game entails

The Space Conquest game is one that features a simple and easy to handle process. You will create your own group of ships that will work to target enemies of all sorts. Your goal is to get the most ships possible and play more to get more types of ships with weapons.

The game will involve two critical goals. The first goal is to defend your base and your allied ships so that they can make it through the game. The second goal is to attack all of the enemy ships that can get in your way.

A great variety of features

Image courtesy of androidpolice
One thing that I like out of Space Conquest is that it features a large number of different things that make the game attractive. It features a system that involves more than ten different ships with a large variety of weapons. These are attractive points that are unique for anyone to enjoy.

The design of the game is also very appealing. It has the look of an old-time arcade shooting game. This makes it very easy to control and attractive for anyone to have fun with.

Amazingly cheap

I have been having an easier time with getting more people to try this game out because the game is very affordable. This game is available for only one dollar. This is thanks to the indie nature of the company that makes this game. It is an attractive point that features a great kind of design that is not only appealing but also attractive.

I feel that Space Conquest is a great game that anyone should be taking a look at. This is a great game that features a design where anyone can easily enjoy a shooting experience that is unique and fun for anyone to get into. It is a game that is also very cheap. I feel that anyone who wants to have fun with a great Android game should check this cheap option out because it is unique, attractive and easy for anyone to enjoy.


M.Y. Developers said...

This is M.Y. Developers and we just want say thank you for the great review. We are very happy that you like this style of game and we appreciate your interest in promoting our game. We enjoy making games of this type and expect more coming from us soon. Thank you for the encouragement.
-M.Y. Developers

Gizmo-King said...

Thank you M.Y. Developers for your kind response, appreciate it a lot :)We've always tried to appreciate and promote great apps be it games, reviews etc..and this is no different. Good going guys...we look forward to a lot more interesting stuff from you ppl.

The Gizmo-king Team

M.Y. Developers said...

Thank you!
Stay tuned for many more exciting games from us, we value our fans. Any suggestions and comments are always welcome.
-M.Y. Developers

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