Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fusion Garage Grid 10 is Cheaper for Its Launch

I have been following the reviews on the Fusion Garage Grid 10 is recent months to see how the tablet is going to work and what makes it special. I feel that it could end up being a real competitor in the world of tablets. Fortunately, my predictions might become true thanks to the big discount that is being offered when getting this discount ready. The price of the Grid 10 has been substantially reduced. This is now $200 less than what it originally was.

This is a big development that I feel should help to put this over the top. In fact, it is great to see this because it involves the discount being applied right before the Grid 10 is going to be released on October 1.

Pricing factors

The cost that came with the Grid 10 was originally $499 for the Wi-Fi edition and $599 for the 3G edition. This was for the 16 GB model. Also, these were going to be made available on September 15 in its original plan. However, pre-orders for these models have begun to work with values that are $200 less each. The same discount is being used for both the Wi-Fi and 3G editions of the device.

Flash changes

Image courtesy of gadgetmix
A key part of the Grid 10 is that it is working with some controls that involve the Adobe Flash Player. The new 10.3 version of the player has been introduced and will be included in the Grid 10. However, the new version must work with some new technologies to make it easier for the device to approve playback functions for many needs. This has made it so the device will need to be reprogrammed, thus causing the Grid 10 to have its release delayed to October 1.

How its price is being determined

The key point about getting the tablet developed in this new pattern comes from how the device has been from ongoing discussions between Fusion and the ODM. This was done to help try and see what can work with getting the device to be a little cheaper.

I am expecting this price reduction in the Fusion Garage Grid 10 to help push it to where it will be a little more popular and appealing to more people. This should make it a little easier for this brand new device to look as attractive as possible. It will not be too difficult to get this device to work for more people who are interested in a great tablet.

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