Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Will the 2014 Porsche 918 Have?

2014 is a while away but the Porsche 918 for that year is looking to be a very attractive vehicle. This vehicle is expected to be the heir apparent to the Carrera GT. It is expected to be a mid-engine vehicle that will have more than just an attractive design. It will also have one of the most impressive engines around. I am waiting for details on this but I am definitely excited about what I am hearing.

What’s the engine like?

The engine for the 918 will be one of the most powerful engines that the company has even made. It will feature a V8 engine that works with up to 600 horsepower. This will work along with a hybrid setup that will help to keep the engine working effectively without risking the potential for the engine to break down or deal with other issues down the line.

A unique design

The design that the 918 is going to feature will include an impressive look to it. There will be a very strong series of curves around the vehicle with a series of slight rising items around the sides of the vehicle. This will include a slight tilt in the grille along with some strong curves and air pockets found at the sides of the doors to help improve the vehicle’s ability to maintain the best speeds possible. A spoiler is also included at the back to add to the visual appeal of the vehicle.

Hybrid use

An interesting point about this vehicle is that it will have a hybrid system used in it. This will work with a slight electrical battery that is paired with gas to create some of the best fuel usage standards that Porsche has ever gotten on any of its vehicles. The big problem is that the car can only go for about twenty miles on electrical use alone and can only reach half its maximum speed at this point. Fortunately, the electrical support on the engine will help to keep the vehicle from using as much gas as it could.

Image courtesy of caranddriver
The vehicle will begin production on September 18, 2013. Also, only 918 of these vehicles are going to be made. The big issue is that a person will have to lay down at least half a million American dollars just to get this vehicle. However, it may be a once in a lifetime vehicle that might never even be repeated again and should be checked out soon.


Engine – 600 hp V8
Acceleration – 0 to 60 mph in 3.1s
Top speed – 199 mph
Fuel use – 75 mpg
Price - $845,000

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