Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bill Gates to Speak in Billion Dollar Lawsuit

I’m not sure how much money Bill Gates has because but I am sure that he has several billions of dollars. Therefore, it surprises me to see that there is a lawsuit that is worth one billion dollars in value against Gates. There is a large lawsuit going on between Gates and the creator of the WordPerfect program.

What is going on?

The story behind this lawsuit is that Novell, the group that formed the WordPerfect program, had sued Microsoft in the past. This was because Microsoft had been accused of violating antitrust laws when it had sold Windows 95. This was due to the way how WordPerfect program was sold alongside other types of programs in the same function. This is a serious concern because Novell was said to have lost a little over a billion dollars in value when it sold off the WordPerfect program.

Gate’s opinion

The opinion that comes with Gates is that Novell was not able to get a Windows 95-supported edition of WordPerfect ready in time. Also, Gates says that the Word program that has been used in Window over the years is an improvement over the WordPerfect program. I think this is kind of a form of bravado on Gates’ part by saying that this is a huge improvement but at the same time this is an interesting point that needs to be seen with regards to how the program is being handled.

Why is this so notable?

The reason why this is a big deal is that it involves a great amount of money but also because it involves the control that Word has over the market in terms of what is going on with word processing. It is clear that WordPerfect had been the key program for a while but Microsoft has broken the deal with the program when Word came out. As a result, Word is now the dominant program for word processing while WordPerfect has become so unpopular that Novell has lost a large amount of money in the process.

I understand that this is a big issue but the thing is that this is a lawsuit that will certainly be a challenge to handle. I would not be surprised if Novell won the suit but then again it is not as though Gates and Microsoft are going to be impacted heavily by the suit. After all, Microsoft already has billions of dollars as it is and should not deal with any serious issues in terms of how the suit is handled.

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