Saturday, May 21, 2011

Presenting the Thinnest Tablet on the Market

I usually like to pride myself on having a good tablet that is unique and attractive. However, I admit that I was surprised when I learned about the OGT. This is a brand new tablet that is making waves for how incredibly thin it is. This is an impressive tablet that makes others look like they are just plain weak.

How thin is it?

The depth of the OGT is the biggest thing that makes it so unique when compared to other tablets. This tablet features a thickness of around seven millimetres. This is impressive and something that even I had a hard time believing.

The weight of the OGT is also impressive to see. This tablet features a build that is around 550g in weight. This is useful to see because it is easy to carry and not too difficult to handle. Of course, there are some concerns involving the way how the OGT might be too easy to touch because of how incredibly sensitive this tablet really is.

Other great features

There are some other features that make this a popular product. The OGT has a 1 GHz processor, thus making it easy to load items onto its screen. In fact, that screen has a resolution level that is slightly better than what the iPad 2 uses.

An SD slot for memory is also featured. This is convenient for me because it allows me to view photos on my digital camera with ease. This works very well with the internal storage that the OGT can already support. This tablet can work with either 16 GB or 32 GB of data, thus making it incredibly effective for all kinds of memory needs that anyone has to work with.

There are two cameras to use as well. A five megapixel camera is used at the rear and a three megapixel one goes at the front.

Is it worth it?

The OGT tablet is definitely something that can be effective. This is a tablet that features many applications and other functions but nothing is too impressive when compared to its thickness. This is a great product that is incredibly thick and easy to work with, thus making this one of the best products that you should be thinking about if you want to get a great tablet. I know that this is something that definitely puts my tablet to shame in terms of how it looks.

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