Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mercedes-Benz GL Class 500

As I had mentioned earlier, the Mercedes Benz brand is widely known for its world class model of vehicles which are known to be of great power and performance and above all of great quality and class. In the GL class, Mercedes Benz has unleashed a new sports utility vehicle. As many people might contradict about the GL class and G class in the Mercedes Benz brand, the new GL class is not meant to bring down the previous models. I did a little research on this and found out that the new GL Class 500 is of 5.1m in length but the G Class is of 4.7m.

Engine’s Functionality

This brand new release has great performance and power with its state of the art engine craft. The engine that the Class 500 Benz harbors is a 5.5L V8 engine; generally, this engine is larger than that found in the Class 450 Benz. The engine on the other hand is able to generate up to 388hp which is massive compared to the 340hp generated in the 450 class Benz. In addition to this, the Class 500 Benz is able to cruise at a speed of more than 149mph and would accelerate from 0-60mph in less than 6 seconds.

Points that you need to point out in the Class 500 Mercedes Benz

In addition to the engine and the performance of the vehicle, there are other features that I also noted on this new release. This vehicle includes all sorts of electric features; which include electric windows on the front as well as the rear, more to this; there is an electric sunroof as well as a cruise control feature. As for the security features, the vehicle makes it easy for the driver/owner to handle the vehicle when it comes to security. The Mercedes Benz Class 500 has a full alarm inside the vehicle as well as an immobilizer and a central locking system.

When I look at the price that the SUV is going for, I realized that this vehicle went for a lesser price than I expected. I thought of a much higher price because of its great brand as well as performance. Other features you will get with the vehicle include:

Price - £72,525

Power – 5.5L V8, 388hp, 5641cc

Mileage – 15 mpg urban, 26.6 mpg highway

Tank capacity – 22 gallons/100L

Brakes – ABS with ESP

Tires – Variable hardness support

Features – Support for petrol or diesel, 4Matic traction support, active head restraints

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