Thursday, May 5, 2011

Aston Martin DB9 6 L V12

In the current market, there aren’t many Aston Martin V12 brand vehicles. But recently, Aston martin has introduced such a model in the DB9 6L V12 version. I was amazed by this new model getting into the market and I have decided to come up with this post to offer a few features that would be found in this new two seat sports car. This version might only see 100 versions in the coming year.

Powerful great engine

The DB9 V12 sports car has come up with a great engine for the new kid in the world of sports cars. The sports car uses one of the two transmission options. The options available are the use of the six speed manual transmission while the second one is the Touchtronic paddle-shift automatic transmission. With these kinds of options, the driver or the potential buyer will be in a position to select the best version that they will be comfortable with.
The engine is able to offer more power and would be in a position to speed at a rate of up to 190mph. what about the acceleration rate? The car would go from 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds. Isn’t this a great ride that performs incredibly?

Convenience in new features

In the new model, there are incredible features that will make you love the car. From the previous versions that the company had come up with, there are new features that I noted which were not present in older versions. The new inventions have made the sports car have more brilliant features which makes it more useful to a driver who needs more performance and control of the vehicle with ease.
To start with, the car comes with a power steering function and power windows on the front as well as the rear. More to this, the steering column is adjustable to meet the driver’s needs. When it comes to the brakes, these ones are antilock brakes which have the support of the Aston Martin Brake Assist system. With this, one is provided with a great amount of power on the brakes in most of the situations. The tires are made without tubes thus making it easy for you to protect them as well as inflate.

Additional features

Price – Rs. 10,000,000

Power – 442 ft of torque, 470bhp, 510hp at 6500rpm

Fuel capacity – 80L

Gas mileage – 5kmpl city, 8kmpl highway

Brakes – Front and rear disc brakes with Brake Assist

Tires – With alloy wheels, tubeless

Features – Power steering

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