Monday, May 2, 2011

Always Be on Track with TruckSmart

As someone who travels a lot, I understand that there are many cases where I’d like to get something to eat while on the road. Of course, I know that there are plenty of truckers who’d be interested in finding their ways around different places. In fact, I’ve even seen some stations that offer full service restaurants beyond fast food and even some places that offer showers and online access.

This is where TruckSmart can come in handy. TruckSmart is an amazing Android application that makes it incredibly easy to find trucking stops among many other things.

What Does This Program Do?

TruckSmart works in that you can create a map of your travels and find different truck stops along the way. Petro and TravelCenters of America locations are both featured here. This gives you an idea of what you can do when looking to stop in different areas. You’ll know where to go when you need to fuel up or get something to eat while traveling.

This is definitely something that works well for truckers. Of course, I also use it when I’m not a very long road trip.

It also allows you to get roadside assistance in the event that your vehicle breaks down when on the highway. This can help you to ensure that you will be protected and less likely to deal with any breakdown problems when on the road.

Reference Features are Used

Some of the most essential features to find on TruckSmart are the reference functions on it. I have used these functions as a means of knowing what to expect when traveling.

The reference details provide me with information on fuel prices in different areas. Weather reports and traffic data are also provided here.

In fact, the application uses data on parking and shower stations for truckers to use. This is especially useful when it comes to getting different kinds of functions working as well as possible. This is a real feature that will make the trucking application all the more useful.

All of these features make TruckSmart one of the most useful applications that you can handle. This is a great type of application that will help you out with getting around the roads and knowing where to go when traveling. You can easily use this with all sorts of travel needs in mind. I’ve definitely used this on a number of cases and you can easily use it even if you aren’t a trucker who’s on the road all the time.

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