Friday, May 20, 2011

Petanqistics: All the Petanque Action on an Android Phone

I like to try out different games from all parts of the world. One of these games is petanque, a French game that is similar to bocce. This is a game where players throw a series of balls to try and get closer to a smaller target ball known as the jack. It is a challenging game that can be played by individuals. I prefer to play it in team forms though.

Today people can enjoy this fun game on an Android phone. This is through the Petanquistics game application. This features a fun setup that is easy to handle without any real problems involved.

How does the game work?

Petanquistics works in that you can get a game set up between you and another person. I personally like to get three friends together to play the game. We split up in teams of two when we do this.

The game will operate with the same rules and standards that are handled in a traditional game of petanque. A player will need to get a ball to land towards the jack as closely as possible in order to get points. The keys involve shooting towards the ball and watching for the other balls that are located on the same field.

The stats on the game are always recorded.

Details on your performance in the game will be recorded by the application. This helps me out because it allows me to show just how good I am at this game!

The stats that are recorded include individual statistics for individual games and even for larger tournaments. It is used as a means of recording a player’s history.

It is a realistic experience.

I will admit that nothing beats the real petanque experience. However, it is tough to try and get a game set up unless you’re in France, Quebec or another place with a large French contingent. Fortunately, the application on the Android phone comes as close to the real thing as possible.

Petanquistics uses all the right rules for the game. It also uses easy to handle controls that are used to create a realistic form of play without any problems.

I can even play against other players online through the application. The online support of my phone makes it easy for this game to work with other people who want to compete against others in a quick game of petanque. This makes the game a little more fun for anyone to enjoy.


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