Saturday, May 7, 2011

Join.Me Viewer: Net Meetings Supported

I have been to several different business meetings where people have been unable to show up for all sorts of reasons. It really makes it tough for a meeting to work as well as it should. However, the Join.Me Viewer is a tool that can work to make it easier to get meetings handled.

I have been using this application for meetings of all sorts. In fact, I’ve recommended this application to all sorts of people in my workplace.

How Can It Be Used?

The process of getting this convenient application handled is easy to see. Join.Me Viewer works by providing a user with the ability to handle chat and other communication features with ease. This includes getting meetings prepared with the use of a video cha function that will be easy to stream and use.

This is useful because it allows for an easier opportunity to handle an online meeting without having to deal with bulky equipment like a large camera on a laptop. A small tablet or Android can be used to get this handled without any problems.

A keyboard is used in this helpful material. This works with helping to get chat functions handled.

Other icons on the viewer are also used to help with getting different items used up. This will help to influence the ability of the viewer to be more operational.

Everything is Private

One thing that is very useful for this viewer is that it uses nine character codes for every individual meeting. This works to help keep privacy intact so only people who know the code can get into a meeting.

I particularly enjoy this feature because many of the meetings I hold with this are very confidential in nature. The privacy that comes with this viewer is incredibly useful and will not be too difficult to handle.

Little Memory is Needed

I’ve got several other useful applications on my Android and the last thing I need is something that takes up more space than what is needed. This is why I enjoy the Join.Me Viewer for its easy use without a great deal of space.

The viewer works by taking up a small amount of memory on the Android. It will not interfere with any other procedures that are being handled on the Android. This means that data can be downloaded to help make a conversation work in real time as well as possible. This makes it easier to get the functions on an Android to work even when a large meeting has to be handled on the phone.

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