Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Look at the Bentley for Prince William’s Wedding

On April 29th, I was indoors all day, and my eyes glued on the screen as I watched Prince William’s wedding. For my love for cars, I wouldn’t help it when I first saw the Bentley that was being used to transport Prince William to the church at Westminster Abbey. This is one vehicle that made me love this wedding. The Bentley was outstanding and I also came to realize that this was a Bentley specially developed for the sole purpose of transporting the Prince to the church for his wedding. To get more of this car, here are some of the specs that I gathered in regard to the Bentley.

Features that stood out

As the car was meant for a royal event, the features and all details out to it were done in a royal manner. This Royal edition came painted in a Royal maroon color. During this historical event in England’s history, the Bentley was transported with a series of police motorcycles as well as other vehicles to guard this state of the art machinery.

In the Royal Bentley collection of brands, this Royal Bentley is a new edition that is specially made for use in royal ceremonies and activities. The vehicle is associated with Queen Elizabeth II. The car is built long and this is primarily done to make sure that the comfort of the occupants is looked into. It as well comes with leather seats and other parts of the interior. To the vehicle there are also power systems in the vehicle to customize the comfort as well as the use of the vehicle by the driver.

Power and performance

Even though I have never come across a royal car cruising on the road as I would do, the Royal Bentley is not left when it comes to giving it a lot of power and speed for great performance. As it is luxurious, so is it great in power and performance. The royal Bentley comes with a twin turbo charged engine which makes the vehicle get over 200km/h.

Additional features to expect in a Royal Bentley

Price- £1 million

Weight – 8,000 lbs

Power – 6.75L 6750cc twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Torque: 830 Nm at 400hp.

Maximum speed – 210 km/h

Features – Royal insignia, larger cabin space, transparent interior

Fuel – gasoline. The royal family is interested in converting the vehicle into a bio-fuel vehicle.

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