Thursday, September 26, 2013

Color Zen: A new addition to the family of puzzle game.

Color Zen is another addition to the genre of pick-up-and-play games. It is a puzzle game which is not as simple as its predecessors.
 What are the interesting features of Color Zen??

The concept of the game remains the same i.e., changing the colour of the screen which would be matching the colour of the border of the level. When two similar coloured shapes collide, the colour of the screen gets changed. This would explode the shapes and the background will be painted with the same colour as that of the shapes.

You will begin by entering small pink balls into pink coloured squares to match the borders. Suddenly you will start confronting several challenges which are completely new in this particular game.If some free flowing shapes of the same colour as the newly painted backdrop appear on the screen, then your background will be lost. You can only move the throbbing shapes. White shapes assume the colour of whatever touches them while the black shapes destroy whatever they touch including themselves. The first six levels of the game introduce these concepts in the beginning of the level. The introduction of such concepts provides you with diverse mechanics which would be exciting. Unfortunately these stages are very basic, tutorial kinds where much of thought is not required.

After completing the beginner levels, the puzzles of Color Zen are engaging and innovative. But you will not find these levels very challenging. Most of the challenges can be broken down to numbers game and capability to count back from the end goal at the borders.

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What is appealing are the elaborate mosaics which provide beautiful layouts, capable enough to distract you away from the game. Also when the different shapes collide they produce eloquent designs. The choice of colours is deliberate which make the gaming experience unforgettable.

Color Zen is not endowed with any of the features like score keeping, timer etc. which encourage highly competitive play. This is an ideal game for those who get easily flustered while playing. The game is a big put-off when it comes to providing exciting incentives for “retry” levels like faster completion. Also the levels of the game are for very short duration which hinders the experience to last for long.

However, the terse nature of Color Zen will make you crave for more. It’s interesting colour-bursting tactics and gorgeous layouts will be ultimate visual treats for you. They will compel you to stop and savor this rich experience. What I pray for is a level editor to be available for this game soon which would allow me to design my own challenges.

Color Zen is a beautiful experience from beginning till the end, with my only wish that the levels could be stretched for some more time.

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