Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Duolingo: An interesting opportunity to learn a language.

Duolingo is the best Android app used for learning a language. You can learn German, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. You will be provided with a select word which you have to match with a picture that best defines the word. If your guess is correct, you have to translate that word to English. If your answer is incorrect, you will be losing hearts.
The tremendous features of Duolingo work brilliantly in helping you to learn a language. You also get a chance to expose yourself to interesting people and content. You will find the whole process to be fun and engaging.

How do you access this app??

You can access Duolingo either by signing up or by authenticating yourself via Twitter or Facebook. Then you can choose as many languages as you want to learn.

What all Duolingo offers you??

I chose Spanish to start off, this is one language which I have studied before but could never achieve mastery over this language. Of late I have been trying to improve my skill on this language and Duolingo came as my savior. I found this app fun and it gave me real Web content which I can use for translating and reading.

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The best part of this app is that it keeps track of one’s progress as one keeps learning. After you have signed in, you would see a home screen which would show you what all you are going to learn in this app. The units of your lesson will appear along this roadmap. The units are coloured grey till they are locked; on unlocking they appear colourful. You will find a small icon depicting a trophy which will turn gold when you complete and master a unit.

Till date Duolingo is the best educational concept I have seen. It is the best language-learning service among the crowd-sourced ones.

Among the various learning language apps, Duolingo is the best app to learn and practice new languages. Also you learn a variety of languages for free. However this app will not be helpful for the first timers or the beginners who want to learn a language from the scratch. The beginners have to combine it with some dedicated language software like Editors’ Choices and audio CDs from Pimsleur. But those of you who want to hone your skills in a particular language Duolingo is the only option for you.

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