Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Take a Ride with Jetpack Joyride

This gaming application is a hot favorite among all the smartphone users. You can download it free on your android or iphone. This interesting “runner” gaming app is great to use. After Fruit Ninja, Halfbrick has come up with this dynamic game. You can take this incredible joyride with the action hero, Barry Steakfries. This adventures game is cool enough to play during your free time or whenever you want whether in flight, bus or train, you can make your journey fun-filled with this game.


Features Of This Amazing Game App

The prominent feature of this interesting game includes its rapid speed and simple understanding. It is not very complex; therefore, anybody can get it in the first go. You will stick to it once you start the game with your finger touch. It starts with Barry on the ground, which is set by default; you can raise him to the air with the magic of your finger. The swiftness with which this digital hero kills all his enemies and seize all the jetpacks from the malicious scientists can take you to a totally new world of adventure.

The consistent adventures and touch does not let you get bored, you will stick to this game as long as you do not lose. Your hero runs throughout the game escaping the missiles and laser attacks. The new technology gives you a completely innovative experience while playing this free game. The success of this game is evident from the fact that it has received a lot of awards since its launch. The objective of this astonishing game is to explore and travel until you win. Every win guarantees you a star, so be ready to collect maximum stars and get those jetpacks!

About The Game

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As mentioned, your action hero Barry is going to take you to the scientific laboratories of the wicked scientists and steal jetpacks from them. You can assist Barry to achieve this mission with the mere touch of your finger. You can kick start with the famous machine gun to fight the enemies. With every accomplishment, you will earn coins and cash, with which you can purchase those cool costumes and any jetpack. The current version has included steam-powered jetpack, laser jetpack, zombie head and flowery lei and grass skirt. 

You can enhance your power and speed with the help of various features like profit bird, Lil’ Stomper. Barry can modify his vehicles and incorporate that funky style using coins. You can beat your friends in this game by earning maximum points and coins. It has received a positive response from the majority of Gamers and apps including the acclaim by 148Apps as the “best app ever 2011”, Pocket Gamer and many more. If you still do not have this game, then with just a click you can download it on the menu action screen.      

If you are a gamer and have an android, then hurry up and enjoy this freaking, must have exciting app on your Smartphone!

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