Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Easy payment with PayPal

It is evident from the name itself that this application is our e-account, which helps us to deal with all the payments easily. The name is enough to bring a smile and gives us the reason to download this app as soon as possible. It is exhausting to keep a tab of all the details of the account and carry a big sum with you all the time. With this superb app, you can pay anywhere, anytime. It does not restrict you by boundaries instead keeps you connected via the internet services.


Comprehending PayPal

You can freely download this app on your iPhone as well as the android. It means that you can make your payments without paying extra or any taxes easily! It further helps you to track the nearby stores and restaurants that accept this mode of payment. Once you are done with the payment, you will receive a confirmation mail on your phone. Isn’t it awesome? All pay and no efforts!

You can do all your bill payment via this app and even go for BillMe later. In fact, you can also go through the detailed menu and order instantly. This will save the time of standing in long queues. This is a healthy and useful service to both the consumer as well as the retailer. You can easily make the payment through Skype, internet, messages. This ability is due to its well connectedness to all the banks and credit card operators. It works with them to provide a great service to the customers.


Wallet feature of PayPal

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Along with its operation like a wallet, it also gives you the benefit of additional discount. It allows you to place the order, utilize the coupon and then do the payment. This app has five features consisting of wallet, shop, transfer, settings and activities. The shop screen feature is a default setting on this app. It gives the details of the nearby retailer or any other store that you are looking for. You can choose whatever interests you. Thereon, you can unlock the wallet by entering a Pin, which will immediately send your picture to the respected store. Thereon, the moment you enter that particular store or restaurant, mention your payment mode to be PayPal and after that, your work is done. You do not even have to refer back to your phone as PayPal manages all the payment, the moment your photo matches.

The authentication process of PayPal is based on your photo and presence, along with the pin. It functions more like your wallet, or we can say more effectively than that as you do not have to worry if you fall short of cash and even escape the fear of the losing your debit or credit card. Moreover, the facility of just enjoying the meal or collecting your stuff, once you are back from the office or any party, helps you to manage things better. If you do not have PayPal, then you are losing on many good things. So download it as soon as possible! 

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