Tuesday, September 17, 2013

PopAGraph : A new photo editing app for your iPhone.

PopAGraph is a new addition to the already existing photo apps in the stores. It is typically an iPad application and is used to pop the central object in your photo. The feature set of PopAGraph allows me to add different types of variations to my photos from the 3-D effect to the colour splash. It uses the masking tools of Photoshop style to take out the key objects from a picture, allowing them to “pop” away from its background and create a 3D effect. PopAGraph is a wise trick to give a “new” look to your photo.

Working Mechanisms Of Popagraph.

Image courtesy of cultofmac.com
I started by drawing over the central object of the image in order to create a layered mask with PopAGraph automatically refining the edges of what have been drawn. I chose to zoom so that I could precisely draw on the specific objects, and then PopAGraph did the rest to focus the object and then lifted the object from its background. Then, I applied various filters to the focused object as well as the background to create a contrast which made my centre of focus pop.

There is also an option of an organized framing technique that allows you to add different types of square frames to help you create novel shapes to enhance the highlights of your image. Through this technique, the images are allowed to sit on the top of the frame for a 3D effect; this would make the objects look like popping out from the frame.

The UI takes the advantage of smaller iPads’ and iPhones’ touch display which are provided with a tool that pops out to instruct you with all the stages of this process. PopAGraph is much more involved than the mere tapping of the preset filter; you are guided with helpful instructions at each stage with short tutorials to have a better understanding of the utility of the tools.

 There Are Certain Drawbacks Of This App.

The process of masking requires a little more patience and steady fingers compared to Instagram and other knockoffs. Also when you create additional images, PopAGraph removes all your previous edits. Also, there is no native support of iPad. Moreover, although the app is free, yet the number of styles and filters which have been included is pretty limited. The best styles and the filters are available as in-app purchases. These contain all the 16 filter effects, backdrop colours and 7 shadow effects.


Though the best Styles and Filters require in-app purchase, yet the investment (total cost is $3) is worth, given the uniqueness it brings to your photos. It is a cool gimmick. It requires an iPhone or iPad touch running iOS of 6.0 or later versions. PopAGraph is a strong photo utility app, available for free in a user-friendly package. It transforms your images into popagraph that literally “pops”. It focuses the highlights of your images like no other photo utility apps.

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