Friday, September 27, 2013

Angry Gran Run: A sheer madness for all android users.

Angry Gran Run is an out-and-out racing game from the kitty of the Ace Viral. It is a game of sheer madness; but do not worry because this is the whole purpose of this game.

Granny is very angry as she is locked inside an “Angry Asylum” and she is searching for a way to get out. The players can help her by guiding her through the roads. In this journey granny runs to save herself from getting into the Asylum and she is confronted with several obstacles in form of running, jumping, sliding through crazy hurdles.

During the course of the game you will find different types of crazy weapons like a rubber chicken, baguette, inflatable hammer and others. While you proceed in the game, you might have lot of questions popping in your head like where did you get a skate-board from, where is your secret recipe? But as I said, the game is about sheer madness with lots of fun, so you need not bother about such questions. The screen quality of the iPad is incredible which would give you a wonderful experience while playing.

When you tilt your smart phone, Granny will juke left and right to collect coins or to bang into “punks”, with which the roads are being lined. A slight swipe of your finger will let Granny take sharp turns or sliding or jumping the hurdles to get her way out. If you succeed in collecting enough coins, then the granny gets to buy some wacky costumes for herself from zombie gran, wonder gran and hippy gran. Different kinds of power-ups like bullet-time, invincible shields appear in your screen which make the game interesting and push you to earn those extra points. 

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You will discover new things around each corner of Angry Gran Run. You will be amazed at how much tenacity this innocent-looking, little, hunched-back granny has. She is fast and swift to take on obstacles and enemies like no one else.

The new version of Angry Gran Run has solved the issues of the in-app purchases and has shortened the loading time drastically. However, I had some crashes, which required me to restart my entire phone, which was quite irritating.

Overall the Angry Gran Run is fun to play and is a real stress buster. The colourful graphics and the interesting armoury will keep you engrossed completely. The surprise element at each level of the game is what I enjoyed the most.

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