Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Box is creating the latest buzz as a new addition to the already existing gamut of android apps.

Let’s find out more about this android app.

Box is an android app which makes it easy for you to access, view and share files. Thus you can easily browse files on Box. You can easily view the media, documents and other files up to 5 GB which is free. You can share the links of the files and upload them from your devices.

Features of the Box

Box is an application which allows me to collaborate and share with other people on the web. I can easily receive a personal account (for free) with 5 GB of storage capacity by signing up with my PC or by registering through registration tab. It is free and allows me simply to share and view my active files. Sharing of files is very simple. I view the item through the small arrow which is placed on the right of my file name and then click “share”. The link to the given file is then sent through email and the recipient can open it straight to the specific file sent. But one has to be cautious while using the links as they are neither password-protected nor exclusive to any particular recipient. So be careful about what the contents of the links and whom they are being sent to.

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There are certain disappointing limitations of the Box. Viewing the files is little cumbersome. You will find most file types being directed to the other programs. Office documents open up in a preview mode that further opens to the existing quick office. When I tried opening a 3GP file, there occurred errors. However the web version of this app can easily handle these tasks. So it is really sad that this superior quality has not been incorporated in this android app.

So what are the pros and the cons of Box as an android application??

The disadvantages of Box include lack of serious functionality, absence of option in choosing downloaded folder for the files and providing preview downloads of the full file.

However, uploading the required files is the easiest job on this app. I simply need to select the folder I want to upload on the web (it is important to mention here though that I could not find a means to create a folder). 

The main advantages of Box are it is easy to be used with clean UI and some great options to share with. The other advantage is that large files can be sent without any server limit. It is the easiest and the most convenient way to send files to your client without sending them as attachments. Also the icons and the texts are properly spaced and are easy to be read. But according to me, viewing of the files could have been made a little easier with some additional native support.

To conclude, I would suggest the android users to definitely try Box because it is the easiest and the most convenient option available for viewing and sharing of files.

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