Monday, September 23, 2013

Make your life simpler with Samsung wallet

If your work schedule is too hectic to manage your travelling plans, the one app that will make it a cake walk has entered the technology world. Samsung has launched a new app to make things easier for its users. Now you do not have to weigh down your wallet with those extra coupons and membership cards. The instance we hear the word wallet, we tend to misunderstand it as some digital financial saving kit. This is nowhere related to your regular wallet!


Features of this digital wallet

The function of Samsung wallet app is to store and manage your tickets, coupons, membership cards and boarding passes. You do not have to visit your reservation agents every time to know the details of your journey whether it is by train or by plane. You will get all the information related to your journey along with reminders. So, this wallet is going to be much more useful than you think it to be!
You can even avail the additional grocery coupons and other discount offers by using this app. This app is available on Samsung galaxy S3, S4, Galaxy Note and Note 2, basically optimized for Samsung HD devices. If you have a Samsung device, then do not forget to download this app for more convenient e-booking.


Missing links in this application

The operation of this app is in a certain way similar to its competitor Apple’s Passbook. Apart from the advantages, this app has some missing points too that you should keep into consideration. The app does not support NFC integration or the real payment system. It does not even allow importation between devices. In addition, this app is not available on devices other than Samsung. And in Samsung also, it is restricted to a few versions.  


Why you should have Samsung wallet

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With very few features, this app is still capable of managing the extra work of planning and enjoying travelling as well as shopping offers. The function of every app is to benefit the user by making every task more efficient and easy to handle. You do not have to waste your time and money. In fact, you will be saving your income by utilizing these apps. The purpose of Samsung wallet is similar. The lacking features are still under scrutiny, and the company is working towards enhancing these features according to the customer’s demands.

This exclusive Samsung app is beneficial from the point of view of the retailers too. The company had mentioned its alliance with major retailers during its launch. This proposal has not yet been implemented. Hopefully, we will get to see more amazing features in the future!

You can use this app anywhere with a mobile network and internet connection on your Samsung mobile. Make the maximum of this app when it is not restricted to the selected users and is available for the general users too. You can download it for free and lighten the burden of your wallet by e-storing your add-on services on your favorite Galaxy S4! 
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