Monday, April 25, 2011

Authorities Catch Up to a Suspected Facebook Hacker

I have been using Facebook with the belief that it is a secure and safe social networking site that values my words and my privacy. Of course, I was shocked when I heard about recent news about a Facebook hacker being caught for getting into a variety of accounts of users that the person never even knew about. The biggest problem about this is that the hacker was located right in the state of Minnesota. It’s a real scary proposition to know that someone could end up hacking into Facebook right in the middle of your own country but it is a realistic problem that needs to be addressed.

Who was responsible?

The person who hacked into Facebook was Timothy Peter Noirjean, who is currently being charged for at least a dozen identity theft charges. He got into these accounts by getting in touch with female Facebook users and asking them to give out personal pieces of information about themselves to him. He then used this data to help get into the accounts of these people.

He used a fake identity to get women to post information to him. The women who posted information would then lose access to their account data and even expect their items to be posted online to other people.

What happened next?

Noirjean then took the information from Facebook pages and sent it to a variety of porn sites. This included information like email accounts and Facebook information. This was used as a means of getting women to become exposed on these profitable porn sites. The fact that these women did not consent to anything is a substantial problem.

The biggest problem is that the illegally posted items online may not be easy to remove. This is a real risk that needs to be covered when getting a hacker taken care of.

A valuable lesson

This story should be seen as an important lesson to anyone who uses Facebook for any reason. A person on Facebook should never post one’s personal details to anyone who is not trusted online. This is regardless of how miniscule this information may be. It only takes one email address just for a person to hack into other profiles. After all, the increase of social media in society has made it so some hackers might be more likely to try and get into other peoples’ pages. It will be critical to ensure that everyone protects their own pieces of data.

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