Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Mysterious Cisco Cius Tablet makes an Appearance at the FCC

The FCC saw an interesting new tablet on display. This is the Cisco Cius tablet. This is an interesting device that works with a great setup that helps to make it effective and useful for all kinds of different communication needs. It will be a great idea for anyone who wants to get this kind of tablet to work to see what the Cisco Cius is all about.

Why is it mysterious?

I am open to new ideas but even I felt that the Cisco Cius will a little too mysterious for its own need. This is an interesting point because I am usually suspicious over different things that are not well known.

The Cisco Cius was introduced at the FCC under the OpenPeak link and not with the Cisco system. OpenPeak is rumoured to be the company that is handling this while Cisco will manufacture it. The Cisco Cius name is still being used. This is an attractive point that should be seen when finding something effective.

What connections are used?

There are some Cisco Cius connections that work with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. These are going to be handled by Telstra signals around Australia. This is a useful point for anyone to see because Telstra has a network that is able to work with all parts of Australia. This is a feature that I enjoyed with this tablet because of how easy it is to use.

The performance is certain

There are many things to see when it comes to finding the specifications on the Cisco Cius. One of the best specifications involves the processor that the Cisco Cius works with. It uses a 1.6 GHz processor to help with promoting some strong speeds that are easy to work with.

A great camera is also used here. The Cisco Cius uses a 720p camera. This should help to make the camera functions easy to work with.

These are all great points about the Cisco Cius that will be easy to handle. These are things that should help to make it easier for anyone to find something about this mysterious device. This is an attractive point that makes this all the more effective and useful for anyone who wants to get something that is strong. The mystery that surrounds the Cisco Cius is slowly being revealed and uncovered to where it is becoming a little more interesting for anyone to use.

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