Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The ZShock Lunatik – A Crazily Innovative Timepiece

I admit to checking my Android to take a look at time a little more often than I should be. However, it is easy to get the time read through the use of a good device that is easy to read.

However, there is one unique tool that takes the time readout on an Android or other smartphone and makes it all the more interesting. This is the ZShock Lunatik. This is an interesting watch for anyone to use.

How Is This Made?

The ZShock Lunatik is an iPod Nano that has been edited and configured to where it looks more like a watch. It is prepared with a strap and a full size bezel. This bezel is designed with a series of diamonds around its body, thus making it look all the more interesting.

The watch effect can be found on the digital screen. It is an attractive feature that makes it attractive for anyone to take a look at.

One of the best things about this is that it can be used with an old iPod Nano that you might already have. This is a useful thing to see because sometimes old players might become useless. I should know, seeing that I upgraded my old iPod Nano to an iPod Classic with a much larger hard drive on it.

How is the Customization Handled?

You can get a ZShock Lunatik watch of your own by providing it to the company that makes this unique tool. You can do this by getting your item prepared with the best care. Of course, it can take a while for this care to be complete. It can take around a month to get your old iPod Nano made into a ZShock Lunatik watch.

Be Prepared to Pay

Of course, you will have to pay a very substantial amount of money for this. This is due to the luxury that comes from this amazing gadget. The ZShock Lunatik will cost you $18,000 to get. This is due to the labor and customization needs that are used on this device.

This does not make it all the less impressive though. I’d definitely take a look at this unique watch if I had $18,000 to spend right at this moment. After all, it is such an impressive novelty that will truly stand out from any other type of watch in the world. Just because you need a watch doesn’t mean that the watch in question has to be real boring and dull.

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