Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Forty Eight Officially Enters the Harley Davidson Lineup in India

When riding a bike I always judge the prestige and the beauty of the bike with the fierceness it creates as well as the power that is generated. Every bike rider gains pride and thrill after riding the motor bike at great speeds and experiencing the power that is generated by it. This is no less with the latest edition of the Harley Davidson Motorbike which has been recently launched in India. The Forty Eight Harley Davidson Bike has brought this all up with it as well as the brilliant look and edgy impressive appearance.

Great Engine Performance

The Forty Eight edition of the Harley Davidson Motorbike bears a 1200cc engine that surely offers an electronic sequential port fuel injection. After learning of this, I did not expect anything less than a great acceleration which makes it possible for the bike to cruise at a neck breaking speed of more than 100mph in a few seconds. If the bike could get to such great speeds which even exceed some cars, then the rider ought to be provided with great control. To fulfill this, the bike has a great enhancement on its torque curve which gives rise to great control of the bike for the rider even when the bike is at high speeds. In addition to all these, the bike can easy push pedal to the metal to shield any accidents from happening.

The right fit for the bike

As a bike rider, one ought to be in the right shape so as to go with the mood of the bike or the picture that the bike brings forth. The Forty Eight Harley Davidson Bike which has been launched in India, the bike is designed for hardcore bikers. Moreover, the bike comes with a bold black or red engine covers as well as a vintage seat and cover as well.
As for the rider, with such design and colors coming with the bike, it would be good for them it they rode on the bikes with a black leather jacket, torn jeans as well as a bad attitude. This is the kind of bike that offers a wanted attention to the onlookers.

Additional features

Launch – April 2011

Price – Rs. 8.50 lakh

Power – 1200 cc V-Twin engine

Tank Capacity – 2.1 Gallon peanut tank fuel

Tires – 16 inch wheels, 20 inch option

Features – Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection

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