Friday, April 29, 2011

Samsung Galaxy 10.1v and Vodafone: A Match Made in Techie Heaven

I like the Vodafone network because it is very easy to work with and can give me coverage in all sorts of places. I have not had any problems with trying to get any tablet to work with the Vodafone network. Any lagging problems that come with any tablet usually come from the tablet’s processor and not from the network’s signal strength. This is why I am interesting in seeing what the Samsung Galaxy 10.1v has to offer.

The Samsung Galaxy 10.1v has a great new link going with Vodafone. This involves Vodafone selling this new tablet to the general public. This is a great deal that I find to be impressive and beneficial for anyone who wants to get a good tablet.

The features are great

There are many useful functions that make the Samsung Galaxy 10.1v useful. The tablet has a 10.1-inch screen, hence the 10.1v name. This screen works with a strong resolution rating to help with keeping the tablet easy to read and use for all kinds of reasons.

There are also the support systems that can be handled. The Samsung Galaxy 10.1v is available with different connections. These include a variety of links for external memory and devices.

Vodafone has a great deal

The deals that Vodafone is offering for the Samsung Galaxy 10.1v are very impressive. The device has a value of $729. A signup can be used for $259 for one year of coverage with Vodafone. This will include fees that go from $39 to $89 for handling 1.5 to 18 GB of information on the tablet. This is a great deal that will allow anyone to use this tablet for more online functions.

Why is this so big?

The reason why the deal with Vodafone and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1v is so big goes beyond the fact that this tablet can work with a good amount of support for data. It is also something that can be a great bargain that anyone can use for a luxury tablet like this. The cost of this tablet alone is very expensive. There is no need to have to pay more money to get coverage on a wireless network set up for it. This is why I am thrilled to report on this great link between Vodafone and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1v. This is something that may end up changing the world of luxury tablets as it is.

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