Friday, April 22, 2011

3Frames: Gifs Served Fresh, Hot and Fast

I like to take a series of photos with a camera in a short period of time. This can make it easier for me to get short videos prepared. I can do this thanks to a useful application that helps with getting multiple photo files moved into GIFs that can be animated for short periods of time. This Android application is known as 3Frames and it is an incredibly easy program for you to handle.

How Different is 3Frames?

3Frames works with a unique procedure. It takes a series of photos that were taken in a short period of time and moves them into an animated file. This GIF file can be used with many small attachments in mind.

3Frames uses a burst mode function. This works to help with getting your Android to capture a number of pictures in a short period of time through the camera feature on it. This should be featured on all Android phones.

The images will then be able to move around. This will help to create a stop motion video that works very well and in a very smooth fashion. These are useful features that make this all the more beneficial for anyone to handle when getting something handled.

You Can Even Edit Files

One of my favorite things about 3Frames is its ability to edit GIF files. This is useful because there have been a few times where I’ve tried to get multiple pictures taken but they don’t come out right. Sometimes they’re not lit properly or there are too many shadows in the way.

You can adjust the effects or color scheme in your pictures. This will allow you to create more memorable images that are very appealing.

You Can Move Your Files to Social Networking Sites

You can also get great GIF files like these to move into any social networking profile that you have. It can be integrated into a Facebook or Twitter account as a profile picture. I have used this to create profile pictures that are very unique and entertaining. Sometimes a short movie can tell more than just a single picture.

This feature will work very well on any Android phone to help with getting photos handled quickly and to get GIFs prepared as well as possible. This is a real benefit that will make it very easy for you to find something that makes these animated files easier to handle. Maybe you might be able to get something as clever as what I have made created.

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