Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Piecing Up the Rumors on the iPhone 5

I admit to being just as interested in what’s going on with different Apple devices as some of Apple’s most die-hard supporters. In fact, I have been interested in seeing just what is going to be happening with the next edition of the iPhone. The buzz over the iPad 2 has worn off so it only makes sense that people will be looking to see what is going to happen with the iPhone 5.

There have been some predictions over what could go on with the iPhone 5. The improvement of Android devices in recent years should only make things a little more interesting with regards to the big guessing game.

An easier screen

One prediction that is being made with the iPhone 5 is that it will have a larger screen. This may include easier controls that are not too challenging and even better screen resolution. This may be used as a means of improving a user’s ability to read what is going on with a screen.

A better camera?

An interesting prediction that I’d like to take a look at involves the way how the camera will be used. The iPhone 4 has a good five megapixel camera but many Android phones are working with eight megapixel cameras. This is used to create images that are even more attractive. This is a big point that many companies use when selling their phones and should be considered carefully with regards to what’s going on with the iPhone 5.

A potential link with Sony

One of the most interesting points about what could happen with the iPhone 5 involves Sony. The CEO of Sony recently stated in a Wall Street Journal interview that Sony is going to build some phone components that will be used by the iPhone 5. The big question about this involves whether or not Sony is going to be the official developer of the device. It is not clear as to what will happen here but it is safe to say that this should make the anticipation for more details on the iPhone 5 all the more attractive.

These stories about the iPhone 5 are all interesting points to review. There is a real potential that the iPhone 5 may end up becoming more popular over time. I am certain that the iPhone 5 is going to be a huge hit regardless of what is going to happen. However, it is fun to see what could happen with the iPhone 5.

Contest Questions:-

1.      Which company is reportedly manufacturing iPhone 5 components?
2.      Who is the CEO of that company?


xmd5 said...

1. sony
2. Howard Stringer

Lost Fermata said...

Question 1. Sony is manufacturing the iPhone 5's components.

Question 2. Howard Stringer

Anonymous said...

2)Sony CEO Howard Stringer