Saturday, April 23, 2011

Obama Town Hall Session: A Smashing Success

I have been interested in seeing how different figures are using Facebook as a means of reaching out to more people and getting in contact with them for all kinds of needs. One thing that has really caught my attention in recent time is the town hall that President Obama plans of holding on April 20.

It is clear that Obama had used social networking during his presidential campaign and will more than likely do so again for his reelection bid. However, this move with Facebook is a completely new move that might influence the way how he is getting in touch with more people.

Who is being targeted?

This town hall is looking to target people from all around the country. Obama is especially using this as a means of targeting younger visitors who want to get information on issues that matter to them.

Of course, this will be targeted towards those who are concerned about the national debt. This is especially the case with regards to how the debt is working with difficult conditions that relate to the debt ceiling that the government has imposed on itself.

Who is involved?

A good number of people will be invited to the town hall at the Facebook headquarters in California. However, Facebook founder and head Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg will be the two big guests of honor here. Also, this is going to be posted for the public to see live as it happens. This should make for a very interesting point that will allow people to be more open to what is going on here.

Other details

The town hall through Facebook is expected to take place on April 20. Also, the official Facebook page for the White House will offer information on all of the details that will be coming up as they are being provided.

It is not certain as to what will happen during the town hall. However, I and other observers are certain that this may lead to a variety of other events being covered in town hall formats. This should help make the world of online functions a little more interesting for all kinds of people to deal with. After all, if the president is going to be posting his own information on a town hall through Facebook then the odds will be other big name parties might want to do this in the same way later on as Facebook advances in power.

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